The experience of buying a cheap old Kia Carens car is not worried about choosing the wrong one

The experience of buying a cheap old Kia Carens car is not worried about choosing the wrong one

The old Kia Carens is one of the very affordable 5 + 2 seater car at a fairly cheap price. However, to choose a good car, users also need to know the “tricks” or buy a Carens car below.

Learn carefully about old Kia Carens

Kia Carens is a family 7-seater MPV car that Kia has discontinued since 2013 and stopped supplying in 2016. Therefore, the most popular old Kia Carens on the market today is the pre-2013 model. With Kia Carens, the company distributes mainly 2 engine versions, 2.0L and 1.6L. 2.0L version is the most popular with 145 horsepower engine capacity at 6,000 rpm, maximum torque of 19.2KW at 4,250 rpm. Both versions are combined with 4-speed automatic transmission. Kia Carens does not have many engine options and not many versions, this is also easy for car owners in the process of choosing to buy old Kia Carens.

Model Kia Carens

When going to a car, you need to get basic information about the vehicle you have chosen, from there through the internets or professional car shops to get more important notes about vehicle life, engine, lifting options. interior level (if any) and common faults. This will be the most important basis for you to judge the quality of the car and negotiate the price with the seller.

Do not choose too old Kia Carens, too cheap

Because the car is no longer being distributed, the Kia Carens has a pretty fast price drop, much cheaper compared to some 7-seat cars selling on the market today such as old Innova, Kia car. Rondo (precursor of Kia Carens) … Although the price is low, you should not choose too old cars (before 2007 – 2008) because of the psychology of “cheap price” and the price is too cheap compared to the general premises. of the market.

Be wary of news of selling old Kia Carens at too low prices

With vehicles used for many years, the vehicle systems are often degraded and difficult to use for a long time or pay a lot of money to replace new parts. As for the car with a “good” price, it can be an old car that has been in an accident, a service car, or a “hydraulic” vehicle of unknown origin. These vehicles, even if they are bought, have to pay a lot of money for repair and maintenance if they want to operate normally.

Carefully check engine, gearbox, and refrigeration systems

These are the most basic systems to help your car run “smoothly” without many problems requiring repair. With old Kia Carens, this model has little problems with gearboxes and engines, but according to many owners, the electric system and the indoor unit often experience minor problems, especially in Carens 2010. – Old 2011.

Engine compartment 2010 Kia Carens

With the engine, when checking, you need to carefully observe the engine compartment for signs of overheating in hard plastic parts, wires, screws … or not, if so, you need to check in depth with the water system. cooling. In addition, you also need to pay attention to vehicle smoke, engine explosion to detect abnormal signs and problems. Carry out the same test with the electrical system, gearbox and indoor unit.

Evaluate the car’s body and chassis

With the body and chassis, you need to pay special attention to rust marks, strange sounds emitted when the car is on the road. If the body and chassis have peeled, rusted and deteriorated much, you should not buy this car because it does not guarantee stable performance and does not help you and your family members be safe. when sitting in the car.

Check interior compartment

The old Kia Carens is not a car that uses too high quality materials to make the interior. Therefore, with vehicles manufactured from 2013 up to now, the interior compartment will surely show signs of deterioration such as cracked seat leather, deflated cushions, peeling paint or appearing faults in utilities. use electric …

According to user reviews, the interior of the old car Kia Carens 2009 – 2010 often happen many small problems with the interior such as: door clang, leaving door handle, air conditioning is not deep … With Carens from 2010 – 2013, these problems have been engraved. partly recover but often fail with utility systems such as speakers, DVD player … If the interior is damaged a lot, you also need to negotiate more with the owner for a reasonable fee, avoid having to pay a lot money for interior upgrades.

Utilities such as DVD screen, speaker, etc. of Carens car are easy to malfunction or malfunction

Test drive

Taking a test car on a variety of terrain is the easiest way for you to assess the actual performance and quality of the car you intend to buy. Through the bumpy roads and slippery roads will assess the sound insulation ability, gearbox and the reliability of the car when cornering.

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Also test drive on the road and in the street will help you see the basic performance, acceleration and be able to test all the features and utilities that the car has. If you are not a “connoisseur” of cars, you can ask experienced carmakers to test drive old cars to get the most accurate reviews.

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