The European Parliament wants to stop Nord Stream-2

The European Parliament wants to stop Nord Stream-2

On January 21, the European Parliament (EP) voted to stop the Russian-German Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project as a punishment due to Russia’s arrest of homes. Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny after he was poisoned in Siberia?

Chau Au staff wants to use Nord Stream-2
Russian tube ship “Fortuna” in the port of Wismar, Germany participates in project Nord Stream-2. Photo: RT

According to the draft supported by conservative, social democratic, liberal and Green party groups, the European Parliament (EP) asked to stop construction of the Nord Stream-2 project due to criticism by Alexei Navalny character. The Kremlin is arrested.

Accordingly, the European Union (EU) must immediately stop completing the pipeline under the Baltic Sea. In addition to stopping the construction of the project, EP also requires sanctions against the institutions and legal entities involved in the decision to arrest Mr. Navalny.

In addition, the EP has also asked to punish those responsible for causing attacks against opponents, “Russian oligarchs”, “members of Putin’s cabinet” , as well as “the communicator”.

The head of the MPI group Manfred Weber said that after the case of Mr. Navalny, Europe also needs to talk about energy – the most powerful tool that Europe has. According to Weber, the Nord Stream-2 project is one of the ways to increase pressure, because “just calling Russia is not enough”.

The draft resolution calling for sanctions needs to be supported by 27 EU member states in order to be ratified. Expected, foreign ministers of EU countries will discuss the above issue in the meeting early next week.

RT said that the introduction of restrictions under the draft resolution was considered “significantly tight” compared with European countries that had previously been encouraged to be imposed on Russia.

“Additional restrictive measures could also be implemented under the European Union’s new Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime”, a statement released by the EU parliament.

Now, the day after the new US President Joe Biden was sworn in, the EU Parliament’s resolution calls on the bloc’s member countries to “immediately stop completing the controversial pipeline” with the reason, that would be the ideal time to “strengthen transatlantic unity in defending democracy and fundamental values ‚Äč‚Äčagainst dictatorships,” the document asserts.

Nord Stream-2 is a multinational project that will deliver Russian gas to Europe and especially to Germany, currently under construction despite stiff opposition from Washington. The US has called it a threat to US and European security interests. The New President Joe Biden administration shares similar views with President Donald Trump on this issue.

In a related development, Russia has just arrested a series of Mr. Navalny’s associates because of the plan of large demonstrations in 50 Russian cities.

Russian police have threatened to prosecute anyone who has spread calls to join national protests in support of the currently detained Navalny.

Navalny side plans to hold demonstrations in at least 50 cities of Russia on January 23 to protest the arrest of Mr. Navalny when he returned from Germany on January 17.

The protests were also directed against Russia’s ruling elite after Navalny posted a video accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of owning a seaside palace worth $ 1.3 billion.

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