Sforum - Latest technology information page facebook-bi-loi-1 The error of not loading the image yesterday shows how well Facebook's AI has worked

The error of failing to load the image yesterday showed how well Facebook's AI worked

Last night (in Vietnamese time), Facebook had a problem that caused all users' images to upload could not be displayed.

However, thanks to this incident, we have a first look at how Facebook has used AI to classify users' photos. That's when many images on the site are now replaced by the tags they have been assigned by the company's machine vision system.

That's why when users upload photos to Facebook last night, instead of seeing photos of holidays or photos of food and friends, you can only display text that says things like Images can contain: people are laughing or dancing, weddings and indoors or just images containing a cat.

In other words, this is what the computer sees from the photos we post to Facebook. Like Neo in the Matrix see images in the digital world, which are essentially blue lines of code.

It is known that these content tags are also displayed on Instagram, they also suggest in the picture anyone based on Facebook's face recognition algorithm.

Sforum - The latest technology information page facebook-bi-loi-2 The error of not uploading photos yesterday shows how well Facebook's AI has worked

Facebook has used machine learning to "read" images with these since April 2016 and the project is a big part of the company's efforts to reach users. It is not clear whether Facebook uses this ability to choose ads to users, but it is certainly a lot of data from you that Facebook has held, for example, whether you have pets or not, interests What are you, going to a holiday or at home, like cars or games, …

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