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Recently, the OEGC 2021 Mega Engine Game Conference with the theme of “NEW PLAY” was held in Guangzhou. Mega Engine gathered together with a number of game manufacturers and high-quality platform creators to share their content creation experience and look forward to the game industry and game marketing. Develop a new direction.

For a long time, Huge Engine has been an active pioneer in the game marketing ecology, leading the game marketing method step by step from “channel distribution” to “flexible purchase” and then to “content marketing” many breakthroughs.

At this conference, Huge Engine has set its sights on the future, using content to stimulate new possibilities in the game industry, taking the first step in seeing the cutting-edge development direction of game marketing, and fully preparing to join hands with the entire industry to welcome the new marketing era. Preparations for co-building an open content ecosystem.

Join hands with the industry to open up the ecology and usher in the “player creation era”

At the meeting, Zhang Fuxiu, head of the Game Content Center, pointed out that in the past few years, content creation has gradually completed the transformation from the “media era” to the “self-media era”, which is accompanied by changes in games, players, and content consumption platforms. In the future, players will become a major player in content creation, producing more diversified high-quality content, and being closely connected with vendors and platforms to form a new “content marketing full link”, bringing more growth to the game field. The amount of dividends ushered in a new “player creation era”.

In order to welcome the “player creation era”, Huge Engine has been fully prepared.

The first is to strengthen the content creation and sharing experience, such as the introduction of the Needle SDK and the playing and broadcasting SDK to provide sufficient “ammunition” for content creation in the player era. The second is to increase platform opening, strengthen support for manufacturers, and give more initiative to game manufacturers through “official self-operated and self-broadcasting”. On this basis, the core vision of Mega Engine is to establish an “interactive and common content ecology” to realize the organic connection of games, players/creators, manufacturers, and content, allowing players and games to join the original content ecology, and Become one of the important links, by which the creativity of the players can be transformed into the growth of the game.

In addition, Wei Wenwen, head of China’s Huge Engine Commercial Products, took on the above core views and put forward the vision of “co-building a new native management system” with industry colleagues.

As game users have high content requirements, in recent years, they have focused on content platforms in the channel selection of game distribution, and the “native business” combination of “advertising procurement + content marketing” has been accepted and recognized by the industry.

Based on this, in the face of the “player creation era”, Wei Wenwen believes that it will be the general trend to promote multilateral cooperation in the industry, to integrate the power of the entire industry, and to build a new ecosystem of native management. Huge Engine will also adhere to an open attitude, continue to focus on the value of traffic extension, content grassing value, and long-term position value of “native operation”, accelerate traffic expansion, promote content efficiency, and support manufacturers to achieve high-quality position management, thereby connecting multiple parties Build an ecosystem together, drive game distribution to usher in new growth.

According to GameRes, the reason why Mega Engine dared to actively look forward to the arrival of the “player creation era”, and set the two goals of “creating an interactive and common content ecology” and “establishing a new native management system” before the industry to welcome the new era. In the final analysis, it stems from its deep platform accumulation.

First of all, the above two goals have a high degree of convergence and commonality, that is, to strengthen the open cooperation of the platform as a support, to revitalize and promote the further connection of the industry, especially for the game manufacturers in the industry, their product development, distribution, marketing research and development, distribution, and marketing , IP construction and other full-cycle multi-link support and assistance.

Secondly, no matter how the times and trends change, “content marketing” is a clear theme, and “premium content marketing” is precisely the key direction for the long-term deep cultivation of the giant engine. From the meeting, the executive vice president of Ali Lingxi Interactive Entertainment Business Group Fan Cunyan Sharing can deeply perceive this.

Review the release history of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” and get a glimpse of the “exquisite content marketing methodology”

At this conference, Fan Cunyan of Ali Lingxi Interactive Entertainment focused on the exploration of his SLG’s explosive “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” on the publishing side. “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” chose the “Boom R” at the beginning, a path that many popular models have traversed, but over time it turned out that the actual effect was not as good as expected.

How to break the game if progress is blocked?

After a brief period of confusion, Ali Lingxi Mutual Entertainment chose to “retire from the Internet”, put down ROI, and instead focused on the content itself in multiple dimensions such as products, operations, and brands, and instead received excellent market feedback. In the process of “retreat as progress”, in addition to the thinking and attempts of the R&D, publishing, and operation teams, Fan Cunyan believes that the in-depth cooperation between “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” and the huge engine is also an important driving force for its success. .

The huge number of users aggregated by platforms such as Douyin and Toutiao, and increasingly intelligent delivery tools and products, have built a solid moat for the “traffic distribution infrastructure” of huge engines. On this basis, “effective advertising” or traffic Purchasing becomes more and more a constant. Therefore, in terms of traffic acquisition, manufacturers can give more to platforms such as giant engines and devote more energy to things that game companies are good at.

So what is the underlying support for the mature “traffic distribution infrastructure” of the massive engine in Fan Cunyan’s mouth? Why can the massive engine help various products to obtain high-quality traffic stably in multiple stages of the market?

Recalling the “Road to Explosion” of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, the “exquisite content” created by the ingenuity of the traditional three kingdoms culture ingenuity, first of all, gave the product a strong core competitiveness on the research and development side. On the distribution side, the huge number of engines with in-depth cooperation rely on its immersive content platform, complete and active PUGC content ecology from beginning to end, based on the differentiated characteristics of the product itself, and continue to produce vertical output to the entire network. The content helps the “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” build a “moat of content for the vertical crowd” for the camp step by step.

From the initial purchase stage, Ali Lingxi Interactive Entertainment has finalized the positioning of Gao Xiaosong as the product spokesperson image, and communicated with the giant engine for many times, and tailored a set of strategies for “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” to highlight the “strategy” Creative materials such as “Glorious Orthodox”, “Real Battlefield” and other core selling points of the game have quickly formed a differentiation in the buying market of “welfare” and “refreshing” at that time. The ultra-high content quality is “Three Kingdoms. “Strategic Edition” has attracted a solid core user group of “brain men” and laid a solid foundation for its long-term success.

Since then, when the “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” shifted from “explosive R” to “retreat and network” stage, the refined content marketing carried out around platforms such as Douyin opened up a “new shortcut” to success.

Since the previous “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” has maintained a stable update of the official Douyin account for a long time, a large number of vertical people have already been aggregated, laying the groundwork for the subsequent “content explosion”.

During the first anniversary celebration, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” joined hands with Li Naiwen, MLXG, Shi Hang, Yanyu Jiangnan, Liushen Leilei and many other stars to create a series of interviews on “My ally, who are you”, and even invited the star Hu Ge Be a guest at the “Anniversary Celebration Live Room” to share his game story with the public. After the content was polished and broadcast, Douyin quickly became an important medium to promote the “out of the circle” of this series of exciting activities. Almost every video carefully edited by the official can get tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of points. great. It can be said that with the powerful content distribution capabilities of the massive engine and the extremely high content distribution efficiency, it has successfully helped “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” once again become the topic of the whole network on the occasion of its first anniversary.

When the time comes to the beginning of this year, the “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” brand film “Sichuan Liu” was officially released. Ali Lingxi Interactive Entertainment relies on the PUGC ecology with huge engines and a lot of film and television head KOLs such as @毒舌电影, @乌贼电影. Reached a cooperation and output a number of “explosive short videos” with more than one million likes, and used their mouths to pass on the charm of the Three Kingdoms culture carried by “Sichuan Liu” to the general public, and with a kind of “moisturizing things silently” The method has strengthened the brand recognition of “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” in the minds of the public, which is undoubtedly another deep manifestation of “content breadth”.

Looking back on the successful release process of “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, it is not difficult to find that high-quality game products, coupled with the “exquisite content marketing methodology” throughout the beginning and the end, are the core promoters behind the phenomenon-level announcements.


According to GameRes, the arrival of the “player creation era” will further change the entire Internet content landscape. It is destined to be a brand new era where all people participate, a hundred flowers bloom, and opportunities and risks coexist.

The huge engine with the capabilities of “native management system” and “high-quality content marketing methodology” also has the courage and strength to lead industry changes in the coming “player creation era”.

For industry co-creators such as game manufacturers, they should also always pay attention to the new development direction of game marketing, the new trend of content upgrades, and together they will be the first to explore more content and traffic dividends in the future, and join hands with content to stimulate new possibilities in the game industry.

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