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“The End of the Beautiful 2” sold 2.8 million digital editions in June! The highest in PS exclusive game history

in”Doomsday 2“A few days after its release, Sony announced that “The End of the Beauty 2” had sold more than 4 million sets in three days, becoming the most successful launch of a PS4 exclusive game. Now, it seems that this success is also reflected in the digital version of the game.


According to the latest report of SuperData, “The End of the Beautiful 2” sold a total of 2.8 million digital version games in June 2020, which is also the highest digital version game sales in the month of release among all PS exclusive games. The sales of the digital version of “The End of America 2” surpassed the previous record holders “Marvel’s Spider-Man” and “Final Fantasy 7: Remake”, both of which sold 2.2 million digital version games in the month of release.


Digital games generated a total of 10.46 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in June 2020. This data is second only to 10.54 billion U.S. dollars in April this year. This June has also become the second highest revenue month for digital games in history. Revenue in June 2020 increased by 3% compared to May and 9% year-on-year. In addition, despite the decline in revenue in the console game and PC game markets in June, mobile games have created the highest revenue in history.


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