The effect of the anti-lock braking system ABS

The effect of the anti-lock braking system ABS

What is the effect of the ABS system? In fact, does the ABS system help drivers get rid of dangerous situations?

What is ABS anti-lock braking system?

Today, most car manufacturers have ABS safety brakes for their cars. ABS is an acronym for Anti-Locking Brake System, in simple terms as anti-lock braking system. This is one of the active safety features needed by cars today to minimize loss and ensure safety for car users.

Usually when the vehicle is equipped with anti-lock braking system ABS will have a signal on the dashboard. It should be noted if the car is equipped with ABS but the signal light does not light after turning on the key for 3 seconds, it is necessary to find out the cause and adjust.

ABS brake system icon on the control screenABS brake system icon on the control screen

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Structure of anti-lock braking system ABS

When driving a car, without looking at the symbolic symbols for the ABS braking system, the driver will not feel whether the vehicle is equipped with ABS brakes or not. Because when operating the car and using the car brake in normal conditions, the driver will not feel the big difference between the car equipped with ABS brakes and the car is not equipped with ABS. Only when an incident occurs and the vehicle brakes have to work in sudden conditions, the anti-lock braking system will be effective.

Structure of ABS brakes in carsDiagram of the ABS brake system on cars

Components of the ABS system in a car include ECU parts, hydraulic control unit, anti-lock braking controller, ABS warning light, front wheel sensor and rear wheel sensor for cars and equipment. pressurized … There are many types of ABS brakes like pneumatic ABS brakes, hydraulic ABS brakes …

ABS anti-lock braking system operates on the principle of processing information from the front and rear sensors of the wheel to make an order to close or open the oil valve. When the cyclist hits hard on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is pushed to the brakes in each wheel. ECU collects and processes information from the sensors and when it detects that a wheel is about to be locked, the valve will close and stop supplying brake fluid. The brake fluid will then be refilled to keep the car rolling while the car decelerates slowly.

What is the effect of ABS on cars?

In real-world travel, situations where the vehicle is moving in slippery conditions such as roads that get wet due to rain, mud, roads freezing or sudden braking when obstacles are unavoidable.

The mission of the ABS system is to prevent the wheels from locking up when braking quickly.

Cars are equipped with anti-lock braking system ABS

In practical cases, when obstacles arise, drivers often apply strong brakes or drive to the sides. However, both situations can lead to errors that can lead to bad consequences. Therefore, the driver’s mastery of the steering wheel, no braking of the brakes will help cars avoid dangerous situations such as tipping over, deflecting the steering wheel from the lane changing the direction of collision with vehicles. More … Especially in the case of poor road surface, the level of locking the wheel increases to 4 wheels, the danger will increase.

Driving direction is not equipped with ABSThe direction of travel is ABS and it is not equipped with ABS

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When a situation occurs, the driver needs to hold the steering wheel firmly, release the shoulders and the foot pedal strongly into the brake, the brake pedal will release continuously within a few seconds until the car decelerates or stops completely to avoid an accident. will be adjusted by the system itself. Drivers should also pay attention during use, if the vehicle is equipped with ABS brakes need to brake brakes firmly, do not blink continuously because it is the duty of the anti-lock braking system on cars. The steering and self-releasing the brakes while the ABS system is working makes the anti-lock braking system disabled, losing effect.

However, the advantage is also the drawback of ABS anti-lock braking system is that the braking system to support the driver will lead to neglect, loss of alert and depend on safety features. this initiative.

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