The easiest ways to refresh car paint colors

The easiest ways to refresh car paint colors

After a long time of use, cars are prone to yellowing, dullness, damage of car paint … However, you can renew car paint colors by the following ways.

A car with a beautiful exterior is always more attractive when compared to a car that has “faded over time”. In addition, keeping the car clean will help you get a higher price when you intend to sell used cars for new cars.

Follow maintenance experience Car, if the car user does not keep the car paint in good condition, the car paint is yellowed, dull and leads to you having to repaint the car. Therefore, you should handle immediately when cars show signs of dullness, rust, slicks … if you do not want to spend more money.

When a car scratches you need to recover as soon as possibleWhen a car scratches you need to recover as soon as possible

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The causes of harm to car paint

One of the culprits that makes your car “down” quickly is the sun. UV rays in the sun will discolor cars because of the scientific reaction when UV is exposed to car paint. In addition, with the current environmental pollution, harmful agents in the environment such as dirt, mud, etc. are also a major cause of problems affecting the paintwork.

In addition, if not cared for and taken care of properly, the car will also be severely scratched or peeled. Damages to car paint during traffic are not handled promptly easily lead to rusted cars.

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Simple ways to help paint your car

Wash the car often

In order to improve the vehicle’s appearance in the best way, you should cleaning cars regularly. Indeed, if you wash your car properly periodically, you will be able to remove the dirt, mud … clinging to the car when traveling on the road. Not only is dirt, washing the car reduces the amount of residual oil that accumulates on the undercarriage, fingerprints and dead corpses. Note, when washing your car, you should use some specialized car cleaning solutions to help car maintenance be most effective.

Regular car wash helps protect car paintRegular car wash helps protect car paint

Use specialized equipment to clean cars

In fact, after washing the car, you can not remove 100% of the dirt on the surface of the car. Because these contaminants are constructed from pollutants in the air, asphalt … In addition, there are impurities that cannot be seen with the naked eye and cannot be repelled by normal water. Therefore, you need to use more specialized equipment to clean the car.


  • Son roar cars
  • Car seat covers with fabric
  • Ceiling lining of cars

Use a glossy bag and scrub the surface of the car after washing it with water. A glossy bag is used to increase sensitivity and to perceive stains that cannot be detected by eyes. Then, you use a special type of clay to remove the surface of the bodywork like Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay … This clay is used to thoroughly remove the dirt without affecting the paint.

Create a shadow for the car

According to those who have Car care experience said, after cleaning the car should use glossy products for the car to restore the original car paint. If possible, you should buy a polishing machine to make it more efficient instead of manual polishing.

Apply paint protection

After polishing the car, you should cover a layer Car paint protection to increase the durability of the newly refurbished mantle. You can use some paint sealers like Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealer. After applying this coating, your paintwork will be protected for 3 – 6 months.

After you’ve helped your car refresh its exterior paint, you need to know some Experience using cars to preserve the paint as long as possible. For example, when you are parking in hot weather, you should use tarpaulins to limit the UV rays that shine directly on the car. If you do not perform the protection for your car, the car paint that you have worked hard to maintain oxidation and dull quickly.

Car tarpaulin helps to protect against sun – rain, protect car paint effectively when parked outdoors.

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Car anti-heat tarpaulinCar anti-heat tarpaulin

Through the article, you have been equipped with some car refreshing experiences to help you better maintain your car. In addition, if your car has been too low the paint color, you should take it to the car care center to repaint the whole. Note, you should not repaint the car because if not Car painting experienceYou can harm your beloved car.

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