the DualSense has drifting issues, is there going to be a DualSense Drift “folder”?

Will the PS5 experience a similar case to the Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con Drift? The DualSense, a new controller for the PlayStation 5, does indeed seem to encounter a fairly widespread drift problem.

According to numerous sources since the release of the PlayStation 5, the DualSense controller is regularly prone to drift issues. With just a few months of hindsight, seeing such a problem spread en masse is really not a good sign. Will the DualSense experience a fate similar to the left Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch and its famous Joy-Con Drift?

The PS5 DualSense Controller.  Credit: PlayStation
The PS5 DualSense Controller. Credit: PlayStation

The DualSense, Sony’s new controller, was acclaimed for its innovative functions. If the new functions of the controller are little used for the moment, its potential has been generally appreciated, in addition to its new shape, more ergonomic. A priori, a great success for Sony. Unfortunately, there could be a big problem.

According to several sources cross-checked from the release, it seems that there is indeed an inherent drift problem with the DualSense. Many Reddit users have indeed reported this problem, supporting videos. Here are some examples below. According to the videos in question, it seems that the drift can affect both sticks, unlike the Joy-Con drift which mainly affects the left Joy-Con. Very bad news for Sony in the event that the problem is hardware, since the chances of drift would be doubled.

DualSense Drift: Nintendo’s Joy-Con Drift should serve as a warning for Sony

It remains to be seen how widespread this problem is. If the cases remain rare, Sony could limit the breakage, but if this drift starts to appear on a majority of controllers over time, it could become a real problem. Recall that the Joy-Con Drift case is very problematic for Nintendo, which has been sued several times. Lawsuits brought by individual consumers, but also associations protecting consumer rights, such as UFC-Que Choisir in France. In the end, Nintendo was forced to take action, including reimbursing repairs related to this issue, even out of warranty.

There are ways to fix or reduce this problem. If you have a drift problem with your DualSense, there are some things you can do to get rid of it. However, if this process doesn’t work, then chances are the problem is hardware. In this case, you will have to go through Sony’s after-sales service. note that Sony has already confirmed that this issue is covered by warranty. You can therefore contact your dealer if necessary.

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