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The dual aperture is not at all, the camera cluster on the Galaxy Note 10 does even better than that

Samsung is rumored to officially launch its Galaxy Note 10 line of products at an event that takes place next August.

It seems that the closer the launch date is, the more leaked information about Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 10 comes with increasing frequency. Most recently, a leak has shared quite interesting information related to the rear camera cluster of this flagship model.

According to Sammobiles, the latest rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 10 said the flagship could be equipped with a main camera using a lens that can change the aperture 3 times: f / 1.5 – f / 1.8 – f / 2.4. This information was leaking famous @UniverseIce from Samsung Chinese engineers, so it's quite reliable.

Sforum - Latest technology information page camera-Galaxy-Note-10-2 Dual aperture is not at all, camera group on Galaxy Note 10 can do even better

Samsung first used the camera to change the aperture is on the flagship Galaxy S9. Specifically, this flagship model features a 12MP main camera sensor with a lens with aperture change: f / 1.5 or f / 2.4. And this camera continues to be used on the Galaxy S10 series launched earlier this year.

Therefore, if information leaked today came true, Galaxy Note 10 will be the first Samsung smartphone to own a main camera with a three-lens aperture lens: 1.5 – f / 1.8 – f / 2.4, which helps bring to give users more quality photos. Wait and watch it!

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