The dramatic trial for Mr. Trump lasted nearly 13 hours

During Trump’s impeachment trial in the US Senate, Democrats proposed 11 amendments to the rules but were rejected by Republicans.

According to Reuters and the AP, the Republican Party that controlled the Senate earlier this morning voted on the party line to approve the rules for the trial of impeachment of the White House leader, rejecting any efforts by the White House. Democratic party to collect more evidence and summon more witnesses.

The impeachment trial lasted nearly 13 hours, starting on January 21 (local time) and ending at nearly 2am on January 22.

At the beginning of the third impeachment trial in US history, the head of Trump’s defense group argued that the Democratic Party launched what was a baseless effort to reverse the presidential election results. 2016. However, a top MP from the Democratic Party stated that there was too much evidence of wrongdoing.

US President Donald Trump was impeached last month by the US House of Representatives on charges of abusing his power and hindering congressional operations by pressing Ukraine to investigate former vice-president Joe Biden, a counterpart. Democratic prime minister. The president denied the charges and said he did nothing wrong.

In today’s trial, after Chief Justice John Roberts opened the trial, the two sides argued for more than 12 hours and lasted until morning on the proposed rules for the majority leader’s trial in the Senate – Congressman Mitch McConnell.

By voting in a party-style way, Republican lawmakers repeatedly rejected the recommendations of Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on the collection and documentation of the White House, the State Department, and the Ministry of Defense. and the Office of Management and Budget, related to the way Mr. Trump works with Ukraine. In addition, Republican lawmakers also rejected requests for additional witnesses of the Democratic Party.

According to the set of rules of trial given by Senator McConnell, each party will have 24 hours, within 6 days, to make arguments. The House of Representatives’ records of Mr. Trump’s investigation are recognized as evidence.

At 1pm on January 22 (January 23), the trial will resume.

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