The draft was eliminated but it became a big fire. Yi Qianqianxi and Cai Xukun: Thank Qian Feng for his "eyes but no beads"!

The draft was eliminated but it became a big fire. Yi Qianqianxi and Cai Xukun: Thank Qian Feng for his “eyes but no beads”!

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Speaking of it, the “Tian Tian Brothers” in “Tian Tian Shang” has changed several groups, but Wang Han and Qian Feng have been sticking to it.

The “Tiantian Brothers” of Liushui, Wang Han and Qian Feng, the two of them, as the two oldest hosts, have not known how much joy they have brought to the audience for so many years.


However, some people seem to be “brothers every day”, but they have actually been a draft judge more than once.

This person is naturally Qian Feng who was “fat” on Weibo some time ago.


At the beginning, “Everyday Upward” did a sub-column of the draft, called “Upward!” juvenile”

This audition program is aimed at children. The judges at the time were Tian Yuan and Qian Feng, who were originally “brothers every day”.


Moreover, during the period when Qian Feng was a judge of the draft, he could be described as an outstanding record, with wisdom (has) eyes and (no) beads.

There are many stars in the entertainment circle. They all participated in the talent show where Qian Feng served as a judge at the beginning, and they were ruthlessly eliminated by him without exception.


It was unexpected…No, it should be said that what Qian Feng did not expect was that the people he eliminated later became popular, and the fire was in a mess.

Moreover, there is more than one such example.

Cai Xukun[娱乐影响力人物榜?第4名], Wang Junkai, Yi Yan Qianxi, Ju Jingyi… They were all players who were eliminated by Qian Feng.


It is no exaggeration to say that these few people, just pick one out, represent a flow that cannot be underestimated in today’s entertainment industry.

It’s just that I don’t know if Qian Feng today regretted his intestines when he saw this scene.


However, whether Qian Feng regrets it or not, whether those celebrities are grateful to Qian Feng for his “eyes without beads”.

The only thing the audience knew was that when Qian Feng faced these players who were eliminated by him, the scene was really embarrassing.


After Cai Xukun became famous, he was once a guest in “Everyday Upward”.


At that time, Qian Feng greeted him and said “Long time no see”, which immediately aroused the curiosity of the audience, and the past events were also turned over.


It turned out that Cai Xukun participated in “Go Up!” When I was a teenager, I sang a song “Liberation” and was eliminated.

In fact, Cai Xukun, who was young, chose such a song, which can be said to be an absolute mistake.

How can a kid who doesn’t understand love sing this song well?


Therefore, Qian Feng ruthlessly eliminated him, and pointed out that his feelings were not in place and his voice was not suitable for the song.

Because of this, when Qian Feng faced Cai Xukun again, he explained that he did not “eliminate” him at the beginning, but put forward some “good opinions.”

Cai Xukun also hurriedly helped to make the rounds, saying that he was in the period of changing his voice at the time, and indeed he had chosen the wrong song.


In addition to Cai Xukun, Yi Yang Qianxi, who was also eliminated by Qian Feng, has also been on the stage of “Everyday Upward”.


The scene of the original draft was also played, Yi Yang Qianxi[娱乐影响力人物榜?第29名]After participating in the show and dancing for a while, I sang another song.

But because he had just finished dancing and his breath was unstable, he didn’t sing very well, so Qian Feng was eliminated.


At that time, Qian Feng faced the well-known Yi Yang Qianxi, and could only cover up his embarrassment with the phrase “I love you by letting go.”

Moreover, he did not forget to “complain” that it was the program crew’s plan to kill him.


In fact, the program crew really didn’t intend to let him off easily.

At that time, Qian Feng’s “brilliant record” was also mentioned in the program and eliminated Yi Yanqianxi, Wang Junkai, Cai Xukun, and Ju Jingyi.

In this regard, Da Zhang Wei joked that Qian Feng is the compass of the entertainment industry, and whoever he doesn’t like can be hot.


Since then, Qian Feng’s title of “entertainment compass” spread.

Some people even ridiculed that if you want to be famous, you should go to Qian Feng, as long as he is eliminated, you can become popular.


However, as everyone knows, this is actually just a stalk. If you really want to be famous, you will have to work hard day and night.

Whether it is Cai Xukun, Yi Yan Qianxi, Wang Junkai, and Ju Jingyi, they all explained this truth in person.

They all achieved their current achievements bit by bit through their own efforts.


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