The DPCP does not appeal File closed for Nathalie Normandeau

The DPCP does not appeal File closed for Nathalie Normandeau

Nathalie Normandeau is done with justice. It is officially free as the air since the DPCP announced that it will not contest, on appeal, the stay of proceedings pronounced a month ago.

“After an in-depth analysis of the judgment by the team of prosecutors in the case as well as by the provincial appeals committee, which brings together prosecutors from different offices who are experts in appeal procedures, the DPCP decided not to appeal the judgment. “, Confirmed the DPCP in a statement released Monday afternoon.

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Nathalie Normandeau reacted succinctly in turn by way of a press release, less than thirty minutes after the announcement of the DPCP. “I am happy to turn the page. Given the strength of the Perreault judgment, that was the decision to make. The opposite would have been abusive, ”she declared, saying that she was“ still considering ”a possible claim for damages against the state.

On September 25, Judge André Perreault of the Court of Quebec freed Nathalie Normandeau and her five co-defendants from all the charges against them because of the “unreasonable” delays, based on the Jordan judgment of the Court. supreme.

No trial date had yet been set, more than four years after his indictment. The preliminary motions were stretched out because of the leaks in the media and the Oath investigation of the BEI (Bureau of Independent Investigations), which is still ongoing, to establish the identity of the perpetrators of the leaks.

The fault of UPAC attributed to the State

“At first instance, the DPCP argued that the delays had been caused by unforeseeable events (legal appeals and a pending police investigation) and should therefore be excluded from the calculation of the delays. The judge did not accept this interpretation, ”recalls the DPCP in its press release.

Rather, Perreault J. “considered that the unreasonable nature of the delay was attributable to police misconduct related to leaks into public space (…) In the circumstances of the case, this delay should be attributed to the State as a whole ”, we add.

“The first instance judgment is therefore essentially based on the assessment of the evidence. However, taking into account the legal rules governing the powers of intervention of the Court of Appeal with regard to factual questions, the DPCP considers that it will not be in a position to have this judgment overturned. The DPCP will not make any further comments, ”one concludes.

Stopped in March 2016

The former liberal deputy prime minister was arrested in March 2016 by the Permanent Anti-Corruption Unit (UPAC). Like her co-defendants (Marc-Yvan Côté, Bruno Lortie, France Michaud, Mario W. Martel, François Roussy), she was suspected of having participated in a system of hidden political financing, in exchange for public contracts.

She faced various counts of breach of trust, corruption in municipal affairs and fraud against the government. Ms. Normandeau has always claimed her innocence and claimed, a month ago, that she should never have been charged in the first place.


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