The "disgrace of America" ​​follows "Capitol storm"

The “disgrace of America” ​​follows "Capitol storm"

For the first time in more than 200 years, the Capitol is captured!

First, please note to readers, this is not an assessment of countries that the US considers enemies but this is an assessment of the head of Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson …

For the first time in hundreds of years, the United States received what it is actively “giving” to the rest of the world: Civil War. A crowd inspired by Trump stormed the US Capitol building. And even though the protesters were kicked out, both the American politicians and the press were shocked. What was the consequence of this unprecedented event for Washington?

Original version from USA …

If only through the photos and the cause of the event, but do not specify the country, place, then almost all people around the world believe that this event happened in any country. in the world, be it the Middle East, Africa or countries that America and the West do not like … but not in America itself.

Indeed, the sequence is exactly the same as the scenario that the United States has used 48 times over the centuries: First the presidential election scene, followed by the denunciation of election fraud, the last one is the losing side. failure to mobilize protesters, riot, occupied government buildings to overthrow the government. The new president won not from the election but from the street … This scenario happened most recently in Armenia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Belaruss …

However, the “Capitol storm” had a slightly different outcome, because (1) the “street force” was intervened by the US National Guard and (2) it was decided that “there is no US embassy, ​​”so the script did not work as seen in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan … which Mr. George W. Bush called” the banana republics “.

The process of taking over the Capitol began with a protest of tens of thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump. After the inspiring speech of the President of the United States, that victory in the election was stolen from him …

The US government and especially the leaders of the US Democratic Party have determined that this is a terrorist force, domestic riot …

Of course, the terrorists must have a leader – and they are designated Donald Trump. Some Democrats in Congress are even preparing a new impeachment against Mr. Trump… And, some senior US officials don’t forget… have Russian hands.

BUT … … if this is a “domestic riot, terrorism” as President-elect Biden has assessed then we have the right to doubt, because, in the tens of thousands of people who came to the Capitol they did not burn. , looting … and only a handful of extremists who broke into the National Assembly building almost unobstructed … So which group of extremists was that? Is it the Democrats to create “fake flags” to have reason for Congress to declare Biden the 46th President quickly?

Indeed, if there were no raids on the Capitol, if US Vice President Pence did not suddenly change his attitude toward President Trump, the “American civil war” would inevitably happen, however, a small group suddenly. Clicking on the House of Congress, or the move of the Democrats, caused a sudden change in situation … forcing Republicans to surrender …

Clearly, the “Capitol Hill hurricane” is a “American disgrace”, but it’s still better than the “civil war” chosen by the American Democrats and the “Deep State”. Democrats both defeated Republicans and eliminated President Donald Trump.

Who is President Donald Trump?

During Trump’s four years in power, after defeating the Democrats, the US Democrats only focused on finding ways to slander Trump as Russia’s “agent”. Of course this is humor, only political tricks. So, we see what Trump did to Russia …

Just as US Secretary of State Pompeo said, the Trump administration is the most fierce anti-Russia administration ever since the Cold War.

The Russian and US media have outlined 34 decisions to confront Russia that President Trump signed to implement. (No American president ever so committed suicide.)

Some examples:

– Ministry of Justice requires Russia Today to register as a “foreign agent” – Newsmax, September 13, 2017

– Trump gives the green light to the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine – The Hill, 20/12/2017

– Sputnik Partner “Required to Register” Under US Foreign Agents Act – RFERL, January 10, 2018

– US General in Syria confirmed US Forces killed hundreds of Russians in major battle – The Drive, March 16, 2018

– Trump ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats, closing the Seattle-CBS consulate, March 26, 2018

Trump orders missile strikes on Syrian military targets – CBSNews, April 9, 2018

– INF nuclear treaty: The US withdraws from the Cold War-era treaty with Russia – BBC, August 2, 2019

– The United States formally withdraws from the Open Sky Treaty to strengthen European security – CNN, November 22, 2020

– Nord Stream 2: Trump approves sanctions on Russian gas pipeline – BBC, December 21, 2019

– Trump punishes Rosneft, Russia’s largest oil company, for supporting Maduro in Venezuela – MSN, Feb. 19, 2020.


Obviously, Mr. Trump as a President whose most drastic actions against Russia after the Cold War is not wrong, is true. President Trump is also very quickly aware of the difficult world geopolitical landscape to reverse when Russia and China rise. President Trump is not delusional in the post-cold war past, so Trump’s thought as “America first” makes sense.

However, it only makes sense for America, the American people, not the “Deep State” or “1% of the American population on Wall Street” – the people who are powerful, rich, get out of the “chaos”. Global.

A President just wants to withdraw US troops from Syria, Afghanistan, nuclear negotiations with North Korea … to resolve the consequences of “the foolishness of his predecessors”; a President who has not waged a war … not to mention any steps that threaten the American superstructure … President Trump must leave the White House, but how?

The only way is through the election, but objectively, in just four years, Trump has left many American voters behind, so an honest election is not possible. So, “cheating, terrible fraud taking place in the election” to “steal Trump’s victory” is understandable.

As of today, the US Democratic Party has won. Mr. Biden was officially recognized by the US Congress as the 46th President of the United States. The US Republican Party has lost badly and will be hard to recover in the next elections.

However, to win the election, removing President Donald Trump, the US Democratic Party and “Deep State” did not foresee its consequences. It was a victory for the Democratic Party of America, of the “Deep State” but a victory of the PYRROS of America …


  • Le Ngoc Thong


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