The detailed photo AirPods 3 are ready to launch in April

The detailed photo AirPods 3 are ready to launch in April

( A photo of the AirPods 3 has just been revealed with information that the device is ready and can be released with the Apple Pencil 3 during the Spring Loaded event on April 20.

The leaked information about AirPods 3 comes from the Chinese social network Weibo. The shared image is a device that is quite similar to recent rumors about the Airpods 3.

This leaked image shows quite clearly that the device supposedly AirPod 3 has a shorter box than the AirPods 2 but not as short as the AirPods Pro. The headset part looks bigger and looks like it will still be the type of ear placed on the rim or because in-ear – tucked in. Even so, the AirPods 3 can still be neat and worn on a more solid ear.

Most likely, the Airpods 3 will not have high-end features such as active noise cancellation or air penetration to hear outside sounds.

Besides the photo of the AirPods 3, the leak also revealed the third-generation Apple Pencil is also ready. If the new iPad is released on April 20, it is likely that the Apple Pencil 3 will also be introduced.


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