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The Department of Health Recognizes MedPro’s Excellent Contribution to Health Number Transformation 2020

( At the National Health Digital Transformation Program 2020 – eHealth Vietnam Summit, held on December 29-30, 2020, co-chaired by the Office of the Government and the Ministry of Health, Application Joint Stock Company PKH – the developer of MedPro online booking solution has been recognized by the Information Technology Department of the Ministry of Health for its excellent contribution to the Medical Digital Transformation 2020.

MedPro is an online booking application, by downloading the application to a smartphone or accessing the link, the patient / patient’s family can easily connect with the patients to book appointments, pay online. without having to wait in line to the hospital. This application also makes it easy for the hospital side to navigate patients to the appropriate time frames of the day, adjust the number of clinics, the number of patients to visit and arrange the appropriate staff to help divide the load in different clinics. peak hours and just help the hospital to make a gap during the epidemic.

PKH Application Joint Stock Company – the developer of MedPro Online Solutions is a technology company with a young age, but constantly strives to pioneer in smart medical applications such as: Applications register for online examination, pay non-cash inpatient / outpatient fees, manage smart medical cards at the hospital, … Until now, PKH has signed a contract with nearly 30 hospitals across the country.

The recognition of the contribution by the Ministry of Health to the Health Number Transformation 2020 is a great encouragement to the MedPro team. Responding to this expectation, in the coming time, MedPro will continue to expand the application deployment to hospitals across the country. At the same time, to deploy the payment function for medical services through scanning of payment codes (Scan To Pay).

Transforming National Health Numbers – The highlight of 2020 is a program including high-level forums, a series of conferences and exhibitions, taking place in Hanoi. The program attracted more than 1,000 delegates, including not only state agencies, hospital units, the program also created a forum for exchanges and meetings between technology groups and leading units. domestic, international and innovative ecosystems are eager to participate in transforming the number of national health care.

Believe that, with the first favorable steps, MedPro will always make endless efforts to bring more convenience and speed to patients and their relatives when they come for medical examination and treatment at affiliated hospitals. on the MedPro system, at the same time stand side by side with hospitals in serving patients better, in accordance with the guidelines and directions of the Ministry of Health.


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