Shocking mini bluetooth speaker price 800k with only 1k on Lazada 12/07 - Photo 1.

The deal of mini bluetooth speaker costs 800k with only 1k on Lazada on 12/07

In addition, the popular Defunc True Wireless headset and Ultra-B streamer VirusS introduced are also among thousands of extremely rare and extremely rare on the same day.

Only one day 12/07/2019, open to sell on exactly 0:00 at Lazada.

Defunc True: The true Wireless Wireless headset

With more than 70 5-star reviews and huge sales close to the line, Defunc True is confident in the top of the list of reliable wireless headphones on Lazada. Most feedback from customers is very satisfied with the sound quality and style. This product used to have a very detailed review and received up to 3000 likes on GenK.

This will be the ideal choice if you need a headset:

– Completely wireless; Compact, easy to carry

– Connect immediately

– Bass is very strong, listening to the ears is very good

– Time to use up to 60 hours

– At the same time, it is a backup battery in emergency

Shocking mini bluetooth speaker price 800k for only 1k on Lazada 12/07 - Photo 2.

Only this July 12, Defunc True costs from VND 1,790,000 to VND 990,000. For the first time and the only time of the year, Defunc True's price hit the bottom with a nearly half-attractive price drop. If you intend to buy yourself a true wireless, do not ignore this pair of super hot headphones before the end of the promotion.

Ultra-B: Mobile gaming headphone accompanying ViruSs

Introduced and trusted by gaming streamer Viruss when working with the PUBG Mobile training team, Ultra-B has a good reputation for sound quality and accuracy when used for gaming. With multi-channel audio, this headset makes it easier for players to locate opponents than headphones that support mono only. Besides, high quality foam ear cushions and headband provide comfort without pain when used for a long time, accompanying gamers wherever you go.

Shocking mini bluetooth speaker price 800k for only 1k on Lazada 12/07 - Photo 3.

Especially only on 12/07, Ultra-B original price 990,000 VND reduced to 469,000 VND on Lazada. Not only that, the product can apply for a 10% discount voucher, ie only 422,000VND – Half more !! Too bored with using a gaming headset? What are you waiting for? Don't buy a Vietnamese headset like this.

4 very simple steps to buy 800k speakers with just 1k

You can refer to one of the following 3 super-efficient bluetooth headset combos:

Snatch deal mini bluetooth speaker for 800k for only 1k on Lazada 12 July - Photo 4.

Only July 12:

SS19 (898,000 VND) + Click 2 (1,000 VND)

Prime Wireless (898,000 VND) + Click 2 (1,000 VND)

D113 (689,000 VND) + Click 2 (1,000 VND)

SS19 and Prime Wireless are both Bluetooth sports headsets. However, SS19's design is strong and Prime Wireless is luxurious and colorful. Both were pretty good reviews of sound quality as well as designed by customers on Lazada. D113, on the other hand, is suitable for young people pursuing minimalism style and typical Swedish sound quality.

Shocking mini bluetooth speaker price 800k for only 1k on Lazada 12/07 - Photo 5.

The number of speakers at 1k is extremely limited. Do not hesitate anymore without adding to your cart immediately.

With thousands of shocking promotions, July 12 on Lazada is a rare opportunity for you to unleash genuine audio products at a price that can't be better. Quickly choose your favorite item, add it to your shopping cart and keep watching Vgogo channel to get the latest updates!

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