The days of calm and peaceful life with Vespa GTS Super 300

The days of calm and peaceful life with Vespa GTS Super 300

It is hard to describe the value that the car brings. After 5 days of traveling with Vespa GTS Super 300, it was enough for me to feel “regret” when I had to “break up” this friend.

Masculine, pedestal

The first feeling when sitting on the car, somewhat overwhelmed by the body of the GTS Super 300 is quite large and tall. Specifically, the car has a length, width of 1,950 x 755 mm, height of saddle 787 mm, weight 160 kg. However, compared to the Honda SH 300i, the size of the GTS Super 300 is somewhat more modest. Especially the saddle height, lower than 18mm, this means the driver’s feet will land more easily.

For the GTS Super 125 model, the shield size is more expensive at 1,950 x 740 mm (long and wide), the wheelbase is about 1,350 mm and the weight of the vehicle weighs 140 kg less than 30 kg lighter than the GTS Super 300. GTS Super 125 customers are women and GTS Super 300 will be suitable for muscular men.

The machine’s edition is even more surprising, this Vespa GTS Super 300 boots quite smoothly, compared to the old version, the boot sound has been suppressed about 60%. It is a quite annoying drawback in the old Vespa, but with this new generation, the Italian automaker really knows how to please consumers.

Moreover, when sitting up, the car feels like cherishing the driver, the seat is quiet and has good grip, the rubber-wrapped handle is also a high-end type, very comfortable to hold, the brake lever for squeezing force. gently with moderate elasticity … High and wide steering wheel with high saddle, providing good visibility and imposing feeling when sitting on the Vespa GTS Super 300.

In terms of appearance, the car almost retains the design of the old version, except for the addition of LED positioning lights on the front of the car. But this lamp only helps the car a little better, not much effect in the city filled with horns when the light is too small, if not just like “fireflies”.

Strong yet smooth

Unlike the first time I sat on the car, I kept “nailing” that be careful, because the size of the car makes me worried. But after seeing the reins for a while, I seemed a bit worried. The car glided smoothly and smoothly, steering wheel beams, sure. Thanks to the 300cc engine block, when moving an average speed of about 40-50 km / h does not need to turn on the throttle. Just softly turn the gas, the car will pull the driver in a gentle way that almost no sound heard the engine.

Vespa uses 4-stroke, 4-valve Quasar engine, electronic fuel injection with a capacity of 278.3cc for power up to 21 horsepower at 7,750 rpm, maximum torque of 22Nm at 5,000 rpm

Gentle, soft is so, but if you push hard to about half a round of the throttle, the car will jump up and can cause the passenger behind to turn back if you are not stable. Admittedly, the Quasar 278.3cc engine block has a respectable power. With 21 horsepower and 22 Nm of torque, it is somewhat inferior to the 279 cc engine with a capacity of 25.2 horsepower and 25.5 Nm of Honda SH 300i but thanks to the smaller wheel size of 4 inches , so the first gas of Vespa GTS Super 300 I bet is not inferior to the SH 300i.

Vespa GTS Super 300 has big tires with width up to 120 mm for the front wheels and 130mm for the rear wheels, giving a very comfortable feeling of cornering at high speed. Moreover, thanks to its heavy weight (160kg), the strong frame structure along with the good fork system, helps the car pass the potholes very smoothly, without causing the driver to lose control.

In particular, the Vespa GTS Super 300i is equipped with both ABS anti-lock brakes and ASR traction control system (also known as anti-slip system). Indeed, the cars equipped with this system also somewhat help the driver more secure. For example, on sharp turns or sudden acceleration, it is obvious that the system has interfered with the engine and reduced the speed of the vehicle to ensure the wheel is always on the road. However, it will backfire if you go on slippery roads like sand, snow, swampy, so there will be a shortcut button so you can overcome these sections more easily.

“Very talented, very disabled”, although superiority is, but not without shortcomings. But “ironically” replace the shortcomings of the car seems to be destiny and is also considered as a trademark of Vespa!

The grille placed on both sides of the bib is a weakness worth mentioning. When moving in the city often suffering from traffic congestion like Ho Chi Minh City, this is quite a “Fail” experience. With 300 cc engine block, the heat is quite large, so love the design. “seamless” of Vespa, then had to live with this lifetime defect of the car.

However, if moving in open and unfavorable road conditions, this weakness is not worth paying attention to. Even if running the Vespa GTS Super 300 bon bon on the misty roads like the Central Highlands, this drawback seems to be a plus.

But anyway, Vespa as usual, provides users with a lot of utilities that are essential for a daily transportation. The front storage compartment is quite large, with a USB charging port so that the owner can charge the phone or peripheral devices at any time. Smart key with electronic clock, displaying a lot of information including time, very useful and convenient.

In addition, the trunk can be opened with a button on the car, or on the key, besides, the trunk area is wide and can be removed from the vehicle. Those are small designs that show the respect of users of Piagio in particular and all car manufacturers from Italy in general.

Personally, Vespa is not just a means of transportation, it also represents a style, a lifestyle or a culture – Vespa culture!

Vespa – timeless car with time

Things that endure with time always have a certain attraction, in some ways, they are always outstanding and fashionable even after hundreds of years, the values ​​and aesthetics are still preserved.

In the fashion world, men always think of suits, jeans or RayBan glasses … With the world of cars we have Porsche 911, Ford Mustang … As a choice of fate, Vespa knows no time at all. Anyway, it was a rare 2-wheeler among the symbols of pride.

Reviewing old photos and videos of old Saigon, it is not uncommon to see images of young men wearing Montagu shirts, white lashes and black pants with “ties” on ties, or girls wearing skirts, The haircut and sunglasses on the Vespa are revealing the look of elegance and modernity. Speaking of here, the Unisex (neutral) of the car must be recognized as ingenious, whether male or female sitting on Vespa exalted elegantly and elegantly.

In Hanoi at that time Vespa was considered as an extremely valuable asset to the owner, because the prices of the “wasps” were then priced at the same price as some street houses. The people who “rode” Vespa at that time were considered to be upper class, representing an elegant, modern and cultural lifestyle.

So far, the price of “bees” has been a lot more comfortable, but compared to the general level, it is still expensive. Therefore, today’s Vespa is still considered “luxurious” and only for those who are really passionate about and understand the values ​​of Vespa!


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