Sforum - Latest technology information page 25-trieu-thiet-bi-Android-bi-ma-doc-1-1 Dangerous malicious code "Agent Smith" has infected more than 25 million Android devices

The dangerous malicious code "Agent Smith" has infected more than 25 million Android devices

Malware is something that affects all platforms, be it smartphones, tablets and desktops. According to a report by Check Point, a new malware known as Agent Smith has been found to infect about 25 million Android devices.

According to page 9to5Google, Check Point experts believe that Agent Smith is derived from a Chinese company, created to help application developers in China promote their products. to foreign markets. This malicious code is distributed through 9Apps – the application store is used by many users in Asia.

It is known that this malicious code is called Agent Smith because of the way it works like the character in the famous Matrix movie. Accordingly, Agent Smith will hack applications and force display many ads on the victim screen and then will be able to take money from advertising providers.

Agent Smith mainly infects devices in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, Check Point statistics show that there are about 303,000 devices in the US and more than 137,000 devices in the UK. Some popular applications like WhatsApp, Opera, MX Video Player, Flipkart and SwiftKey are also installed with this malicious code through a third-party application store.

Sforum - The latest technology information Agent-Smith-malware-1 Dangerous malicious code "Agent Smith" has infected more than 25 million Android devices

Check Point also said hackers seem to be trying to distribute this malicious code on Google Play Store. However, Google has promptly detected 11 Agent Smith-infected applications and removed them from its app store.

The reason why Agent Smith can exist and spread on such a large scale is because security holes have been patched up many years ago, but application developers do not update this patch for applications. Their use. Therefore, it reiterates the importance of both Android security application and patch updates.

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