Sec, Hungary, supplies vaccines for the generic version COVID-19 picture 1Hungary receives AstraZeneca’s vaccine. (Photo: AFP / VNA)

The Czech government is in talks with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to buy a vaccine to prevent acute respiratory infections COVID-19, for quantities more than the 3 million dose quota for the country under the agreement European Union (EU).

Czech media on February 13 quoted a spokesman for the Czech Ministry of Health as saying that AstraZeneca had offered to supply more vaccines to the Czech Republic and the current negotiations on the quantity, price and delivery time.

The European Commission (EC) has signed agreements to buy vaccines with pharmaceutical companies to distribute proportionally to member countries, on the condition that these countries must commit not to conduct separate negotiations.

Therefore, the Czech Ministry of Health will have to clarify the contents of the bilateral agreement in accordance with the terms of the agreement signed by the EU.

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Meanwhile, Hungary became the first EU member state to receive the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on February 12, before consulting the European Drug Administration (EMA) about the vaccine.

The director of the Hungarian National Center for Public Health Cecília Müller said that Hungary has started its vaccination campaign. Sputnik V government-appointed immunization centers.

Hungarian Health Minister Miklós Kásler announced that Hungarian authorities had agreed to the use of the Sputnik V vaccine. Currently the Center of Public Health has completed the necessary tests to prepare for Sputnik V injection, the fourth vaccine. that Hungary is.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán repeatedly criticized the EU’s process of approving and purchasing vaccines as too slow.

Under the agreement in January 2021, Russia will provide a total of 2 million doses Vaccine to Hungary for 3 months, of which the first 40,000 doses arrived on 2/2. In addition to Sputnik V, Hungary currently has vaccines from Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

In addition, at the end of last month, the Hungarian authorities preliminarily licensed the COVID-19 vaccine from Sinopharm (China) and signed an agreement to purchase five million doses.

Hong Ky (VNA / Vietnam +)