The Crown calls for 18 years in prison Facebook finally closes the page of a pedophile

The Crown calls for 18 years in prison Facebook finally closes the page of a pedophile

Facebook finally closed Wednesday the page of a pedophile who appeared on his profile with an 8-year-old girl bought in Africa to make her sex slave, even if the police had been asking for it since 2018.

Since the arrest of Sylvain Villemaire in 2018, Montreal police investigators have gone out of their way to delete the accused’s Facebook account, which until yesterday showed photos of the young victim.

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Yet the 60-year-old was convicted of human trafficking last February and was back at the Montreal courthouse on Wednesday for his sentencing pleadings.

Despite numerous alerts from investigators in 2018, the web giant did not respond to requests, according to our information.

Yet just hours after being asked about it by The newspaper, Facebook eventually deleted the accused’s profile.

“We don’t allow sex offenders to have a presence on our platforms. We deleted the accounts, ”said a spokesperson for Facebook Canada, without answering our questions.

If the access to public photos of the victim on the accused’s Facebook page greatly worried the authorities, it is because of the high media coverage of the trial. A publication ban also prevents the victim from being identified in order to protect her.

Identified victim

Many comments from Internet users denouncing the pedophile have been added in recent months under the publications and profile photos of Villemaire.

” [La victime] is therefore identified and identifiable by the respondent’s numerous publications, by name and photos, ”said Crown Prosecutor Me Amélie Rivard, in a recent motion presented in court.

The Crown has also called for an “exemplary” punishment, i.e. a sentence of 18 years, for the pedophile who premeditated his actions by taking advantage of his socioeconomic situation and by buying the child from his mother in exchange for access to ‘potable water.

“How can he say he’s sorry, and say in the same breath that he wants to get back in touch with this child?” »Asked Me Rivard.

“It’s a life that has been bought and devastated. This child will drag all her life the heavy baggage of these three years, ”added the prosecutor, who dangled the idea of ​​filing a request for Villemaire to be declared a long-term delinquent.

The 60-year-old, who was representing himself, asked the judge to be released. He considers that his pre-trial detention of three years, which should be counted in double time according to him, was sufficient.

Judge Pierre Labelle will hand down the sentence next month.

One case among many others

MP Véronique Hivon, who has sponsored a petition since June to obtain a legislative framework to protect the image of victims on social networks, struggles to understand why nothing had yet been done.

“There are people who have been lobbying for the page to be closed for years, and nothing has changed. Suddenly, because a journalist is interested in it, the page is closed in the space of a few hours, ”she laments, shocked.

She urges the Ministry of Justice to allow a condition to be imposed systematically, so that the images of the victims are removed from the page of their executioner while awaiting a verdict, since the delays can sometimes be very long.

Jaël Cantin, Véronique Barbe, Annie St-Onge: in his opinion, it is not for the surviving victims or their families to initiate proceedings.

“It is extremely disturbing to see that the giants of the web do not take this responsibility. It is only to be reprimanded in the public square that causes them to move. However, the suffering of victims, relatives, that should count quite a bit more, ”she concludes.

Judge Pierre Labelle will hand down the sentence next month.


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