The CPAC 2021 meeting focused heavily on electoral integrity

The CPAC 2021 meeting focused heavily on electoral integrity

The 2021 Right-Right Political Action Conference (CPAC 2021), the country’s largest-scale right-wing conference, is devoting the largest share of its program to the integrity of this year’s elections.

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This February 25 to 28 conference has at least nine program points focusing on the elections, including seven talks on “Defend the elections”, a conversation with the topic “Illuminating the Left Wing’s Shadow Campaign 2020” and conversations with election lawyers called “Voter Records: The truth is out there.”

This topic was brought to the fore in the conservative movement following a series of accusations of fraud and other illegal acts in the 2020 election.

“Over the years, Americans have watched what was once Election Day turned Election Season with measures like early voting that began a month before Election Day. In fact, Michigan and Minnesota allow voting to begin 45 and 46 days before Election Day, respectively.CPAC spokesman Ian Walters told The Epoch Times by email.

“That means, throughout 2020, out of concern for voters’ health and safety during a pandemic, many states have expanded the criteria for voting by mail. The consequences of such measures have led to the election results that many Americans feel that they no longer have too much confidence in whether the tally-counted votes are legal and accurately counted. “

“We wish to talk about this issue based on facts and evidence to eliminate the turbulent information that has made many Americans question the legitimacy of our electoral process and whether as Should we take these measures as a country, once a pandemic subsides. “

Fox News collaborator Deroy Murdock gave his first speech at CPAC 2021.

Mr. Deroy Murdock, a Fox News contributor, made the opening speech at CPAC 2021 (Video screenshots)

He said: “The November 2020 election was a nightmare. The judges and other officials have changed the rules [bầu cử] at the last minute, something that only state legislatures are allowed to enact under the requirements of the US Constitution. The mysteriously disappearing votes of the night led to huge spike in votes for Mr. Joe Biden. Many affidavits from witnesses of out-of-state license plate cars are unloading piles of ballots at the counting centers in a few short hours. Such tricks and more influenced Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. “

He also scoffed at arguments that election fraud was not ‘large-scale’ enough to change the end result.

“How common must voter fraud have to be for the left to take care of our concerns?” he asked, “They need 10,000 bogus votes? One million fake votes? “

Mr. Murdock also suggested, if these illegal votes affect the results of the votes of the famous Democrats, they would insist on sticking to this issue.

“Of course, that is unlikely, because the Democrats are the party of voter fraud,” he asserted.

He further explained the accusations of Democrats of cheating voters: “Democrats are almost against all Republican ideas to make our electronic devices safer, and they work tirelessly to make our elections more chaotic. , less oversight and more unreliable ”.

He also specifically criticized the Democrats’ support of sending unsolicited mail ballots in some states, the ballot boxes are not closely monitored, the ‘loose signature comparison standard’. mail ballots, which also hinders Republican pollingers.

Finally, Mr. Murdock suggested Republicans must fight for measures such as ending mass mail voting, ending unexcused mail voting, and putting a general limit on the time period. votes are accepted until Election Day, banning ballot harvesting, ensuring non-citizens cannot vote …

“We all need to fight to the end for the integrity of the election. This is a war we can and must win. If we lose, we will become losers depending on the left. It is in our hands, my right-wing allies, let great elections return. ”

Minh Ngoc (According to The Epoch Times)

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