The coolest free and most attractive offline games for PC

Thanks to the widespread development of technology and many other things, offline or lightweight PC games for free is no longer a dream.

If you have a somewhat miserable, already quite old PC but still want to play games, trendy titles with top graphics may not be a good choice. The free offline or light PC games in this article will help you indulge your passion without having to spend a penny.

LEGO Digital Designer

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This is a good offline game for free lightweight PC that works “one stone throw two birds”. This is a free LEGO game developed by LEGO itself, allowing you to freely build toys using virtual LEGO bricks.

This game uses a similar approach to professional computer design (CAD) programs, meaning you can build anything you can imagine right on your desktop. Just a computer with 1GB hard drive, 1GB RAM and graphics card GeForce 5200 or Radeon 7500 is already playing.

good offline game for free light PC

For the first of us, this show is essentially a digital version of the famous LEGO brick and piece box but doesn’t cost money. LEGO Digital Designer gives you a large number of LEGO blocks and pieces of various types and sizes that you can use to design anything you want.

Gamers can even create a detailed guide that includes a list of the parts they need to be able to create their items in real life! If you need some inspiration, you can also use the software’s pre-rendered 3D shapes, edit them or use them as models for your own designs.

As of now, LEGO has no longer updated new content for this game (meaning you won’t be able to use newer bricks), but it’s still freely distributed worldwide. LEGO Digital Designer supports macOS (OS X 10.10 and above) and Windows (operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10).

In addition to LEGO Digital Designer, you can also use some other software to replace it like BlockCAD, and LDraw. However, the advantage of LEGO Digital Designer is that it is easy to use and very light – a true offline game or for free lightweight PC.

Idle Big Devil

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This is a game with an online co-op element recently released on Steam but it satisfies both the requirements of having a single player and free mode, so it should be mentioned in the list of games offline or for free lightweight PC. this. In terms of configuration, you only need a Core i3 CPU, 4FB of RAM and an onboard graphics card to be playable, but the game’s graphics look quite eye-catching combining both 2D and 3D.

good offline game for free light PC

Developed by Hong Kong Spark Software, the Idle Big Devil may still be in Early Access mode, but this RPG game has received a lot of enthusiastic reviews from Steam gamers (86% recommend playing), making it becomes one of the best free games on Steam.

Although it is an idle game that means you don’t need a lot of controls, Idle Big Devil actually has a lot of work to do if you want to. The game also gives a lot of virtual money in the first game, giving new players the chance to progress quickly. In this game, you are appointed by the emperor to be an undead expert and similarly possessed creatures.

You will fulfill your responsibilities with the help of heroes you recruit throughout the game. While wandering the game’s world, players can participate in various events to collect loot as well as complete daily quests to receive rewards. You can also collect resources to power up your heroes and upgrade your castle.

The Idle Big Devil actually becomes a little more complicated and difficult as you progress, and you’ll come to a point where you have to decide whether to spend money or tolerate slower in-game progression. However, you can completely consider it an offline game or for free lightweight PC if you do not want to co-op and spend money.

Alien: Isolation

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This is not a true offline game or for free lightweight PC because it is originally sold on Steam for 310,000 VND, but between April 22, 2021 and April 29, 2021, the game will be given away. free on the Epic Games Store and is therefore featured here. The game requires a relatively light configuration: CPU Core 2 Duo E8500 (released in early 2008), 4 GB of RAM and 1 GB graphics card.

good offline game for free light PC

In terms of content, Alien: Isolation is a horror game that takes you as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley, the heroine of the Alien series. Upon leaving Earth, Ellen Ripley promised her daughter that she would return home to celebrate her 11th birthday but this did not happen and so 15 years later, Amanda set out to search for her mother after receiving her was informed that the information on her mother’s flight had been found.

Amanda entered the Sevastopol space station to solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance, only to face an unknown threat. This is a terrifying survival challenge as you have to overcome the Sevastopol station and its hallways and rooms are as complex as a maze. Because there is no preparation and not fully equipped, you will use your wits to help Amanda survive and escape from the Sevastopol station.

This free offline or light PC game is highly appreciated for its ability to scare players and the wisdom of AI, enough to give gamers stressful moments when playing hide and seek in an environment. Completely alien to an extremely dangerous enemy.

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