The configuration is so powerful that the iPad still has to accept its fate as an auxiliary device - VnReview

The configuration is so powerful that the iPad still has to accept its fate as an auxiliary device – VnReview

At least for another year.

The much-anticipated iOS 15 update was officially released last week. And as many reviewers complete the “on-hand” process of this operating system – specifically the iPad version called iPadOS 15 – let’s discuss a small disappointment: this is not a big step forward. for the iPad that we have always expected.

From the new iPad Pro equipped with the M1 processor, 50% faster CPU, up to 16GB RAM, to rumors and some tweets now mysteriously gone, Apple tablet users seem to ” bred” an illusion that iPadOS 15 would bring great new things to the iPad. Most notably are desktop applications like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, or a truly desktop-class multitasking experience.

Instead, what we get are the iPhone features, like widgets placed everywhere on the home screen, the application gallery, and the multitasking interface has been changed slightly, becoming more confusingā€¦ ?

The next version of macOS even adds a feature (Universal Control) that, when you think about it, reinforces a fact: Apple wants us to see the iPad as an auxiliary device for the Mac, not a computer. stand-alone computer. Universal Control essentially turns your expensive iPad into your Mac’s second screen.

But the iPad can do so much more, and it doesn’t need the help of any other device!

To be fair, Apple has never confirmed that the iPad will turn into a computer, and many users seem to have anticipated the arrival of this pale iPadOS 15 update for a long time.

Is the potential of the iPad wasted?

Modern iPads have unparalleled power and great potential, yet Apple still refuses to take the opportunity to take it to the next level. Is it because the iPad can cause MacBook sales to decline if it becomes an alternative to the MacBook? Or does Apple want the iPad to be a dedicated device, a great tablet, and not go beyond? If so, why is Apple putting so much effort into developing iPadOS, mouse support, and even selling an iPad keyboard with a trackpad?

We’ve been known for Apple’s iPad for a long time, so it’s understandable that iPad fans feel something is off about the future of this super-popular tablet. But it’s not hard to say they’re disappointed with iPadOS 15. Not to mention, this year, there won’t be any other major iPad-related events or updates to keep looking forward to.

iPad Pro M1 terrible configuration but pulled back by software

Apple not sure what to do with the iPad?

Apple has been reluctant to support the iPad mouse for a long time, and while no one agreed with their choice, at least users received a clear message: “iPad is a device. tablet. Don’t expect anything more”

But as mentioned above, that suddenly changed, and Apple suddenly encouraged users to use the keyboard and trackpad on the iPad since iOS 13.4 was released, making us think this tablet is about to change. into a small, beautiful computer. And in a way, it’s really changed, except we want more.

A large number of artists, filmmakers, students, writers, and music producers can now rely on iPads for most of their work. But at the end of the day, even the perfect iPad Pro user is likely to hit a roadblock, and they find themselves still needing a Windows PC or a Mac to do what the iPad can’t.

For example, many times you’ll come across a website that won’t display properly even when opened with the iPad’s Safari browser (which Apple advertises as a “desktop-class” browser). Or you need to edit an HTML or TXT file. You won’t believe the amount of work it takes to perform such seemingly simple tasks on an iPad, whereas on a Windows computer all you have to do is right-click the file and select “Edit” .

iPad is still an auxiliary device, an entertainment tablet, or main computer for a small number of content creators or students. And unfortunately, with iPadOS 15, Apple has confirmed the painful truth that nothing more should be expected from this tablet, at least for the time being.

iPad Pro 2018 and Smart Keyboard

There’s still hope for a major iPad update, but you’ll have to wait

Many professional iPad users over the years, after being disappointed by iPadOS 15, have begun to wonder why Apple didn’t bring Final Cut Pro and other desktop applications to this tablet as expected. And the reason is probably very simple: Apple delays such major updates becauseā€¦cares about 2018 iPad Pro users. Any desktop apps that appear on the iPad will most likely only work on the iPad Pro. life 2020 and later. Or worse yet, it will only be for the iPad Pro M1 only.

If Apple releases an iPadOS 15 upgrade with many major improvements and desktop applications right now, they will indirectly make the 2018 iPad Pro obsolete after only 3 years of launch, making users of the product line This is angry. Is that enough of a reason for Apple to delay something so highly anticipated? Entirely possible. Users have always expected their Apple devices to be supported for a long time, and 3 years is simply not long enough. It could be a PR nightmare, blowing Apple’s reputation on software support.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. But with all the rumors, expectations, and demands from users, Apple will have to do something bigger for the iPad. Unfortunately, 2021 is not the right time.

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