The confession of a photographer is considered fake by netizens just because shooting and editing photos is so beautiful! - Photo 1.

The confidences of a photographer who were considered by netizens to be "fake" just because they were so beautiful and photographed!

The article is shared by Dutch photographer Albert Dros at Petapixel. He has many works published on TIME, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and National Geographic.

One of the disadvantages of sharing your works online is that anyone can judge them, have very helpful suggestions, but those things are completely wrong. During my time as a photographer, I was accused by many people of creating 'fake' pictures, 'Photoshop' photos when in fact those pictures were real, just using techniques. art they don't know.

Take the picture of the super moon as an example. Half of the super moon images on the web are fake, photographers take moon pictures and then 'paste' them into their landscape images. But there are pictures that are completely real, taken with telephoto lenses that create a very large moon effect in the image.

In this article, I will give you a reading of some of your images, which have been said by the public 'untrue', along with thorough explanations of the techniques behind them.

2015: Solitary universe

The confession of a photographer is considered fake by netizens just because shooting and editing photos is so beautiful! - Photo 2.

This is a picture that takes my photographer career to a new level, capturing a friend of mine, the galaxy and the ISS space station flying over. At the time of shooting, I was not sure that this was an ISS station, but after confirming it with space photographers, I was able to determine with certainty.

This picture is shared a lot, and of course many of them also say that this is a fake, bogus picture. There are also a few 'experts' who say that the ISS is flying in the opposite direction to this picture, but they do not realize that it has followed the trajectory they describe, but when it goes to the left side of the image, it turns out. should be blurred.

I do everything to convince people that this is a picture taken from the machine, even showing them RAW photos. Some people in the industry know that the shooting process encourages me, but perhaps I will have to accept that: doing something cannot please everyone.

2019: Super moon picture

The confession of a photographer is considered fake by netizens just because shooting and editing photos is so beautiful! - Photo 3.

The most recent picture I took was about the super moon in mid-February. As mentioned, this picture uses a specialized telephoto lens, so it is much higher quality than the tiny wide-angle lens coming from smartphones so it is understandable that people call it 'fake'.

For many people, this picture is "too perfect" to take place in real life, when the moon is in the middle of two identical buildings. But to get this picture, I had to plan it early, and took many different photos to choose the best 'candidate' to post to everyone.

Super moon in Amsterdam on real time

So far, many photographers have transplanted super-moon images, and there have been famous photos taken on television!

2017: Volcano erupts before the galaxy

The confession of a photographer is considered fake by netizens just because shooting and editing photos is so beautiful! - Photo 5.

These two pictures are indeed difficult to capture, especially the picture above when the volcano in Guatemala erupted in the right direction of the galaxy. And of course, these images also make people find ways to prove fake. I planned to shoot for a long time, and sent that plan to a lot of viewers.

But when I think about it again and again, I can't blame people when I have doubts about the 'true' nature of this picture, because there are so many photos of galaxies just as collages, but not shooting with camera. Here are two reasons people think it is fake:

– People say that the top of the volcano has a very 'strange' light loop, looking like a faulty collage. But in fact, this morning is due to light from volcanoes impacting on the cloud. If I had the intention of making a puzzle, it would have made it much more beautiful than this, but this is a real photo, so I didn't edit it further.

– Some people say that the light pollution in the lower half looks very bad, but why is the upper part so transparent? This is Guatemala so the air is very clean and few people use night lights, so the new image may be less polluted. Along with that, I made the technique of overlaying to be able to choose the best light for each component in the picture, making it wider and not only the volcano and the sky.

What is 'Photoshop'?

All of the images above are processed via Photoshop, because I always want my picture to be as beautiful as possible before reaching the public's eyes. I add color, contrast, and light adjustment.

When you take RAW images to get the best possible quality, the images always look very bad and must go through post-production to be as vivid as the final JPEG image. But when taking JPEG photos right from the camera, the image will be richer, but there has been a lot of information that has been wasted, so it cannot be as beautiful as a professionally calibrated picture. And pictures that people call 'fake' often refer to cutting elements of this image into another image.

In this article, I want to advise people before calling other people's pictures 'fake', think about whether the allegations are true or not. They can spend hours on a picture so it becomes perfect, doesn't mean that picture has been hated, is a 'fake' picture!


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