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The Competition Department complains the decision of the Arbitration Council

According to information from the Competition Department and Consumer Protection Department (DOIT & Consumer Protection Department – Ministry of Industry and Trade), this unit has just submitted a complaint to the Competition Council on the decision of the Council to handle related competition cases. to behavior Grab acquired Uber in Vietnam market.

Accordingly, CT & BVNTD did not agree with the decision of the Competition Case Council signed on June 17 on the content: "do not accept the request of the investigating agency to apply images. sanctions and measures to overcome the limited competition effect for GrabTaxi (Grab) Co., Ltd. and Uber Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Uber Vietnam) due to the sale, transfer and reception of obligations between the two companies This company does not constitute an act of economic concentration in the form of enterprise acquisition. "

The CTO and Consumer Protection Department said: the nature and content of transactions, transfers, and acquisitions is Grab's purchase of all Uber Vietnam's assets leading to Grab, controlling all economic activities. Uber business. Therefore, the investigated behavior is an act of economic concentration in the form of enterprise acquisition.

Specifically, the agency has based evidence and arguments in the case file on the determination of relevant markets and the combined market share to determine the investigated party (Grab Vietnam) – violated the act. vi not informing the economic concentration (stipulated in Article 20 of the 2004 Competition Law) and the prohibition of economic concentration (as stipulated in Article 18 of the Competition Law 2004 specifically, the act of acquiring businesses is prohibited stipulated in Article 25 of Decree No. 71/2014 / ND-CP).

The resolution of a complaint on the decision to deal with competition cases will be implemented in accordance with Article 109, Article 111 and Article 112 of the Competition Law 2004. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complaint file Complaints, the Competition Council is responsible for resolving complaints according to its authority.

In case the Competition Council has not issued a complaint settlement decision before July 1, 2019, the case will continue to be handled in accordance with Clause 2, Article 118 of the Competition Law 2018: "Violation acts Being investigated, dealt with and settling complaints and decisions on handling of competition cases but still being determined to violate the provisions of this Law, they shall continue to be investigated, handled and settled according to regulations of In this case, if the form of handling or fine for violations according to the provisions of this Law is higher than the provisions of the Competition Law No. 27/2004 / QH11, the provisions of the Competition Law No. 27 / 2004 / QH11 ".

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