The common problem in car leather seats

The common problem in car leather seats

Scratches, cracks, peeling … and many other damage is easy to see in car leather seats after a few years of use. If not soon repaired, the damage will be more severe and affect the aesthetics of the vehicle.

Under the impact of hot and humid weather, human perspiration, high frequency use process … car leather seats easily lose their original glossy appearance, instead they gradually appear scratches, scratches, flaking peeling, fraying, dirty … Knowing the causes of these conditions will help you pay more attention, because “prevention is better than cure”.

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Car leather seats are scratched and torn

When you put sharp objects in your pants pockets and sit on top of the leather seats can cause car leather seats to tear. In addition, a number of other causes such as pet scraping, many other strong external forces on the leather seats also cause the chair to be scratched … To handle a broken leather car seat, you can only rely on the seat cover Professional automotive leather. Anyway, “prevention is better than cure”, you should Preserved leather car seats by restricting the placing of sharp objects in contact with the leather of seats or avoiding pets on their cars.

Leather seats scratched, tornLeather of car seats is easy to scratch

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Car seat leather is dirty

Through long-term use, due to frequent contact, car leather seats are easy to get dirty and dull. Especially, during the trips, there will surely be times when you drop food and drink on the leather surface of the seats, causing many chairs to stain. This not only makes your car look aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes the space in the car stink. In addition, leather seats can be damaged if exposed to high-temperature liquids such as hot coffee … Therefore, if there is food falling on the chair, you need to cleaning cars right away.

Eating on the car easily makes you sticky nasty stainsEating on the car makes the leather seats sticky nasty stains

Leather car seats cracked, wrinkled, blistering

Due to the strong impact on the leather seats such as strong or kneeling on the seats, the leather will wrinkle, blister or even crack. In addition, another reason that can cause the leather material on the seat to deteriorate quickly is due to direct exposure to sunlight. To avoid this, you need to limit the placing of heavy items on the seat, strong support, as well as limit the long parking in the hot sun.

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Blistering leather seatsLeather seats can easily blister if the car is often parked in the sun

Frayed leather seats

If you use non-specific chemicals Car seat maintenance or scrub too hard, the seat leather may be worn and frayed. You should choose specialized cleaning solutions for the type of leather you cover the seat. Or to be sure, you should dilute the solution with warm water, then use a soft cloth to clean the chair. However, you need to allow the mixture to cool completely before you can perform your cleaning. Absolutely do not use hard cloth and brush because it will cause peeling.

The frayed leather seats make the car interior aesthetically pleasingThe frayed leather seats make the car interior aesthetically pleasing

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