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The combination of the Middle Ages and fantasy, the siege device of fantasy 丨 Besiege siege

“When the Middle Ages and magic are combined with the player’s brain, the result will be …”

Have you ever had a brain full of novel ideas that cannot be shown? Have you ever thought of creating a steel giant to destroy everything? Do you want to compete with your friends’ war machine? We all had this kind of dream. With all kinds of machinery developed by ourselves, the mech monsters in the Quartet and the dream were realized.

年初 In early 2015, a novel game appeared on Steam’s favor, which immediately attracted the favor of many players, and it was officially released shortly after, and received a lot of praise. Not long ago, this game also ushered in its last version, which is-“Besiege”.

Construction life from the Middle Ages

Just started the game and entered the first level. The built-in tutorial only teaches the construction of a car (and it is the simplest car). Looking at the car that can only move forward and backward on the screen, many people must have given it silently in their hearts. This game scores points.

(Cars can only move forward and backward in the tutorial)

你 When you think that this game can be used throughout the world by following the tutorial construction machinery, the level designer of the game slaps you hard. According to the mechanics of the tutorial components, players are vulnerable after facing the enemy’s precise shooting like self-pointing and violent attacks like tide. In addition, the map is full of dangerous bombs, and there are cattle and sheep tied with bombs in some levels. When encountering the player’s machinery, they can’t wait to rush up to give the player a big “embrace”.

(The author’s early works vs. enemy soldiers)

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