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The Colorado Democrats are pushing the Bill to teach children how to distinguish the transmission of fake information


Colorado Democrats are proposing bills that require high school students to tell the difference between fake and trustworthy media.

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Colorado Democrat Barbara McLachlan, also a former teacher, and fellow congressman Lisa Cutter, says lawmakers need to help students identify sources of fake and false information. Because children often access Facebook, Twitter and other websites where the information is not always accurate.

According to CBS, McLachlan and Cutter followed a Stanford University study that found 82% of high school students were unable to distinguish between an online ad and a news story.

“We don’t want to teach kids what to think,” Ms. Cutter explained further. “We are not on the stance that one side is right and the other is wrong, or that one side is good and the other is bad. We just wanted to give them the tools so they could figure out and understand what a reputable source is and then they can think about it for themselves. ”

The Act will establish an online media resource bank at the Colorado Department of Education, from which teachers can learn how to incorporate communication skills into their lectures.

Ms. McLachlan said the goal is to incorporate communication skills into all topics. “Every time you do a research, every time you discuss in class, you quote an article or something on TV, that’s when communication skills are taught.”

An online resource bank was created after Mrs. Cutter passed the law two years ago to form a task force to study communication skills.

“There are outside forces trying to spread public health and vaccines distrust,” Mrs. Cutter said. “They trace their traces of election meddling to China and Russia. So I firmly believe that this will lead to a healthier society and democracy. “

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