The color imaging applications on extreme black and white background or you should not ignore
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The color imaging applications on extreme black and white background or you should not ignore

You may have come across photos online with only one object painted in color, the rest in black and white and wondering how they can create such an image. This article will guide you how to create color photos on a black and white background.

In the old days, you needed computers and tools like Photoshop and GIMP to create that effect. But today you can do it easily on smartphones.

Applications that create colored images on a black and white background

  • 1. Color Splash Effect
  • 2. Color Splash Photo
  • 3. Color Splash Effect Photo Editor
  • 4. Paletta – Smart Color Splash
  • 5. Photo Splash – Photo Editor
  • 6. Touch Color Effects
  • 7. Color Splash Lightroom Effect

1. Color Splash Effect

  • Download Color Splash Effect for Android

Color Splash Effect is a simple application that turns photos into a black and white background to highlight a certain object in the image. The interesting feature of this application is that it offers Smart Color mode that automatically detects the object and adds color to it. This mode is very handy when you want to color the objects while the background remains the same.

When you open the application, you will get the option to select Splash mode. However, sometimes you need to edit the image first. To edit an image, select an image, then press the back button to bring up the photo editor. When finished editing, press the button Splash to highlight the color.

In the app, tap and zoom icon to use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. The image will automatically turn black, eliminating the other colors used Eraser.

2. Color Splash Photo

  • Download Color Splash Photo for Android

Color Splash Photo provides several features to bring out the colors in photos. For example, you can edit brush sizes, undo brush strokes, blur images and even change subject colors.

After uploading the photo, you will see that it is saturated. Touch the option Original at the bottom and start coloring the desired area. Use the Brush option at the top to change the brush size. You can use the Gray tool as an eraser.

3. Color Splash Effect Photo Editor

  • Download Color Splash Effect Photo Editor for Android

The application provides three ways to bring out the subject in an image. The first way is the normal mode, you need to color certain areas to highlight colors.

In the second mode, you will get many different shapes. The outside of the frame will turn black and white and inside the object will be colored. You can also invert the effect so the outside is colorful and the inside is black and white. To do this, touch the frame twice, using a pinch gesture to increase or decrease the frame size.

In the final mode, you need to select predefined colors and it will fill automatically. To activate this mode, touch the color picker icon at the bottom.

Select the color picker icon

4. Paletta – Smart Color Splash

  • Download Paletta – Smart Color Splash for Android

This application uses artificial intelligence to detect colors in photos. You need to touch the image to activate this feature. Users can activate multiple colors with just a light touch. If you don’t like auto-coloring the object, you can adjust it with a brush and eraser.

Tips: Touch and hold the tool to resize the eraser and brush.

5. Photo Splash – Photo Editor

  • Download Photo Splash – Photo Editor for iOS

The application offers two modes: manual and automatic. By default, the application activates manual mode. You will need to color the desired area using the brush. This way you can resize it as you like. When auto mode is enabled, the application will detect the outline of the object to be colored. You can even apply filters to images on apps.

6. Touch Color Effects

  • Download Touch Color Effects for iOS

The application also has a simple tool to highlight the object in the image. Although the application does not provide the default mode, but the manual mode allows you to change the opacity and brush size. Interestingly, the app provides many gestures such as zooming in, zooming out, rotating the object, etc.

7. Color Splash Lightroom Effect

  • Download Color Splash Lightroom Effect for iOS

Similar to the Color Splash Effect Photo Editor, this application allows you to add color effects to areas of an image using shapes. Only in the image is there a color, the rest will be black and white. When launching the app, you are given two options: Color Splash and Shape Splash. In Shape Splash mode, double-tap the shape at the bottom to invert the color.

In normal color mode, you can change brush size and opacity. However, you can even undo the coloring without removing it.

Now with these apps, you can create great photos according to your creativity.


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