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The Colombian Defense Minister resigned

Colombian Defense Minister Guillermo Botero. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Botero Minister announced his resignation after meeting with Colombian President Ivan Duque. In a statement, he asserted: "Today, in my meeting with the president to analyze the current political situation, the most suitable thing to be agreed to do now is my resignation as defense minister."

Mr Botero, 71, has been criticized for his inexperience in security, even though he served as defense minister in a country that experienced half a century of armed conflict and ghost crime. Raging drug. The wave of criticism reached a peak when an opposition lawmaker accused him of concealing the deaths of 14 people, including eight children, in an army raid aimed at the subjects. supposedly a member of the drug trafficking gang. Earlier, Mr Botero reported that only nine people had been killed in the air raid and that the military was unaware of the children there.

In addition, opposition and social organizations have called for an investigation into Mr. Botero's responsibility for allowing the escalating violence in the Cauca province in southwestern Colombia to grow opium, killing 16 people. last week.

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