The cold-skinned Jiang Shuying is too amazing! The opening song of the Spring Festival Gala is all on her, netizen: Ouyang Nana is defeated

The cold-skinned Jiang Shuying is too amazing! The opening song of the Spring Festival Gala is all on her, netizen: Ouyang Nana is defeated

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The long-awaited Spring Festival Gala finally kicked off at 8pm on February 11th, New Year’s Eve. This year’s Spring Festival Gala was even more hard-won for the Chinese people who experienced the arduous battle last year. It can be seen from the program list that the Spring Festival Gala director team is also doing their best to send a beautiful Spring Festival Gala dinner to audience friends across the country.

The evening party was brought to the curtain in the opening song “Everything Wish”, with Jiang Shuying, Tong Liya, William Chan, Du Jiang, and Ouyang Nana as the guests of the opening song. It is hoped that they will be met. At the beginning of the dance music, a lively scene of blossoming flowers was created, and then all the performers appeared on the stage. In order to set off the festive atmosphere, everyone was dressed in red, which looked quite lively.

Especially Jiang Shuying is the most eye-catching here. The cold white-skinned Jiang Shuying puts on a dark maroon dress and lipstick in the color of dragon fruit. It has to be said that Jiang Shuying is simply the world. Wealth spent myself. To be honest, with a bright red background, the personal color of the guests is actually difficult to be highlighted, because everyone’s clothes are all red, and when you look at it, you can’t tell who is who, but In this, Jiang Shuying can be said to be a white to glowing existence, I have to say that this sister’s state is really amazing!

Also on stage this time is Tong Liya, who has attracted much attention last year. This time she will be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala again. I have to say that Tong Liya’s typhoon is nothing to say. She is really set against this very positive red, and she is tall. With her hair, Tong Liya looked as elegant as a princess on the run. However, the fly in the ointment is that I don’t know whether it’s lighting or makeup. During the live broadcast, Tong Liya showed a slightly darker state, which was in contrast with Jiang Shuying, who was shining by the side. It seemed no matter what it looked like. Beautiful women need the blessing of on-site lighting.

Next, let’s talk about Ouyang Nana. Ouyang Nana, who hasn’t seen her for a long time, looks at her face a little rounded, coupled with this dark red dress, she has a feeling of being too mature, and she feels young Ouyang Na Na still needs a softer color, this deep red is a bit too difficult for her to control. But the more “deadly” place was in Ouyang Nana’s typhoon. After seeing Ouyang Nana’s performance, some netizens couldn’t help commenting: Ouyang Nana looks good, and her posture is completely defeated. In the backstage photo taken by Tong Liya before, it can also be seen that Ouyang Nana, who has always been “taken to kill”, is also defeated at this moment. It seems that Nana still needs more practice.


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