The Chiye Aiyi incident broke out, and the gun was lying down again at station B, and nearly a hundred fan dramas were affected!

The Chiye Aiyi incident broke out, and the gun was lying down again at station B, and nearly a hundred fan dramas were affected!

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As the events of “Rebirth without a Job” and LEX continued to ferment, it caused continuous turmoil in the entire two-dimensional circle. This time, the well-known voice actress Ai Chino blew himself up to visit the Yasukuni Shrine in a radio program on the Internet, like a spark completely ignited. The entire two-dimensional circle.

Netizens are also very united this time. Everyone knows that Ai Chino is a public figure, and her self-destructive behavior will be resisted and opposed by everyone, and it is also challenging the bottom line of the Chinese people. For the entire second dimension, This is no less than an earthquake, and even some netizens have already bid farewell to themselves who were once deeply trapped in the second dimension.

The current problem is here. Since 2010, Ai Chino has dubbed hundreds of dramas and many well-known games. It is very difficult and unrealistic to block all her works. Of course, if things happen If the fermentation continues, then this possibility is not without it. Many of them are classic dramas. Some netizens believe that the voice actors themselves should be directly blocked. After all, denying everyone’s efforts because of someone’s fault is a manifestation of irresponsibility.

List some of the works that Chino Aiyi participated in dubbing:

The headless horseman’s strange story, unheard of a flower name, a crown of evil, blessings for a beautiful world, 100% psionic, the disaster of Qi Mu Nanxiong, the way to raise a passerby heroine, April is your lie, food The spirit of the halberd, the rebellious million King Arthur, the blade of ghost slayer, the blue route, the rebirth without a job…

In addition to nearly a hundred dramas, Ai Chino has also participated in the dubbing of many game characters. Even if she is really just like some netizens say, she simply prays for blessings, but the visit to the Yasukuni Shrine is a matter of It is absolutely impossible to wash white.

Therefore, the official attitude becomes particularly important. In recent years, Sino-Japanese relations have gradually recovered, but Japan’s non-recognition of history and beautification of wars are also unchangeable reality.

Regardless of whether Chino Aiyi personally intentionally or unintentionally, as a well-known voice actor, her works have a lot of interaction with audiences in mainland China, regardless of whether her actions have political intentions or not, this has already touched some kind of The bottom line can even be said to be the red line.

To put it simply, it was cold this time and I didn’t have to wash it.

Some netizens said that in the current atmosphere of culture and education in Japan, many Japanese people do not realize the seriousness of the Yasukuni Shrine. They generally do not have a deep understanding of the true history, and even some ordinary people. There are also statues and monuments of World War II in the shrines, and Japan can be said to be a “minefield” everywhere.

This incident was another blow to Station B, which itself is at the center of public opinion. The subsequent introduction of Fanju’s strategy will be greatly affected. After all, Chino Aiyi’s voice and Fanju roles are really too many, but at the same time It is also an excellent opportunity for station B to clean up the two-dimensional circle.

The other reality is that Ai Chino and the firm behind her should explain and apologize for this incident, and the Japanese animation industry should also reflect on this incident and collectively avoid lightning.

Japan is the most developed country in the animation industry in the world. Many companies that make fan dramas can’t get enough benefits from it. Simply put, the real money in the second dimension is peripherals and games, and animation fan dramas often don’t make money. of.

The consumption power of the Chinese market far exceeds that in Japan. Therefore, once a fan drama catches fire in the country, the production company behind it will gain benefits beyond the local area. Introducing the genuine fan drama into the country itself is a production company, and station B and The audience won all three parties, and Chino Ai’s behavior directly pitted everyone, and it also sounded the alarm for all anime fans.

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