martial arts, Chinese, Chan Tu Dan, Ngo Kinh, Cung Le

The Chinese newspaper quoted Vietnamese-born boxers to report Chan Tu Dan and Ngo Kinh

The Chinese online community sparked controversy about Chan Tu Dan and Ngo Kinh, a critic quoted Cung Le to comment.

The sparring between Chan Tu Dan and Wu Jing at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala caused Chinese netizens to argue excitedly “who is stronger in the real war?”

Fans of Chan Tu Dan and Ngo Kinh were deeply divided, and no one could convince the other. However, most fans forget that as successful martial arts actors, Tu Dan and Ngo Kinh are not interested in the actual battle.

Ngo Kinh and Chan Tu Dan performed martial arts on television. Photo: Getty

However, from a boxing and real battle perspective, martial arts critic Duong Hoa has an article that Chan Tu Dan has a clear advantage over Ngo Kinh if the two sides are of similar age.

Born in a family of martial arts, Chan Tu Dan has practiced boxing, boxing, Muay Thai and Taekwondo very early on, and tends to be very close to synthetic martial arts. In the movie Flash Point (2007), Tu Dan used many MMA moves, so this film is considered a textbook on mixed martial arts.

martial arts, Chinese, Chan Tu Dan, Ngo Kinh, Cung Le
The article quotes about Chan Tu Dan from Cung Le. Photo: Getty

Critics Duong Hoa quoted UFC star, Vietnamese martial artist Cung Le: “Chan Tu Dan’s meticulousness is the real meticulousness. He has a deep understanding of boxing and movement”

“Only when you reach a certain level of martial arts will you have such an understanding. Chan Tu Dan is a martial arts master”.

Although Chan Tu Dan never took charge, he still hoped his battles would come close. For this reason, Tu Dan practiced very hard. Flash Point has also opened up an MMA-style Chinese martial arts film.

Chan Tu Dan, Cung Le, Vietnamese-born MMA fighter, boxer
Cung Le (right) used to cooperate with Chan Tu Dan. Photo: Internet

For the rest of the commentary, Duong Hoa commented that Ngo Kinh practices martial arts every day, but he is closer to performing than fighting, such as boxing, advocacy and MMA. In addition, although Ngo Kinh used to be crowned martial arts championships, these tournaments were based on scoring, not on opposition.

Based on the above facts about the two martial arts movie stars, Duong Hoa concluded that Chan Tu Dan was stronger in actual warfare than Ngo Kinh.

Chan Tu Dan admits that Vietnamese boxers are the strongest opponent

VIDEO: Cung Le vs Chan Tu Dan



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