The cheap smartwatch changes your mind about this expensive accessory - Photo 1.

The cheap smartwatch changes your mind about this expensive accessory

Smart wearable devices are future technology trends, integrating many smart features and becoming an important part of the technological ecosystem of modern users. While smartphones increasingly own big screens for work and entertainment, users need a more compact device to receive messages, calls, and fast control of the music they want to listen to without having to take a busy phone The more out of the bag. These are the advantages and convenience that smart watches can bring to users.

Not having to spend tens of millions of VND, users can own fashionable and modern Colmi S9 Plus with the price of 1.29 million VND, in Mobile World

Major technology firms are embarking on smart watch production, boosting the commercialization of this technology accessory. However, this is still an expensive accessory that makes it difficult for many users to access and experience, especially the young and popular users.

However, the race for users not only takes place in tech giants and products with tens of millions of VND. The market has appeared smart wearable devices that integrate most of the important features to serve users with very comfortable prices. In particular, Colmi S9 Plus has been present in Vietnam market is a remarkable device.

With a price of less than 1.3 million VND, racking up at Mobile World, the device impresses thanks to its strong and outstanding design, with quite good finishing. Colmi S9 Plus owns a 1.3-inch square LCD screen, a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels and high brightness to help users see the information right away in the sun.

Colmi S9 Plus has a youthful, soft, flexible silicone color strap that creates a cool feeling when worn and minimizes the weight of the device. Thus, this smart watch is firmly fixed on the wrist without creating a sense of entanglement or heavyness.

The cheap smartwatch changes your thinking about this expensive accessory - Photo 2.

The product is equipped with a colorful silicone strap, which helps users express their personality.

The device has a simple display, modern style, suitable for dynamic young users. In addition, manufacturers also favor equipped anti-scratch toughened glass material to help users confidently and comfortably use without bothering to preserve too much.

Easily connected to both iOS and Android via Bluetooth 4.0, Colmi S9 Plus can receive Messenger inboxes and messages, helping users not to miss any important news during the travel and episode times. Fitness, relaxation. In addition, the device is also fully equipped with good scallop functions such as health monitoring, footsteps, heart rate, exercise regimen to help users control and improve their health every day.

The cheap smartwatch changes your mind about this expensive accessory - Photo 3.

Colmi S9 Plus is equipped with features to monitor health and exercise to help you improve the quality of life every day.

This cheap smartwatch is also a rare product in the IP68-equipped water resistant segment so that users can still use it while swimming, washing their hands or going in the rain without worrying. The device has a 170mAh battery capacity for standby time of up to 5 days. This is also a popular time on smart wearable devices with multi-function, continuous operation.

In general, Colmi S9 Plus does more than its "super soft" price. Users have more options to own smartwatch without having to spend big money. Products are being distributed exclusively at Mobile World websites and websites. For more information, please refer here or hotline 1800 1060.

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