The character of the protagonist in "Detective Chinatown 3" has been questioned, and the score has been lowered. This is actually the reason

The character of the protagonist in “Detective Chinatown 3” has been questioned, and the score has been lowered. This is actually the reason

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“Detective Chinatown 3” was released on the Spring Festival stall, and it undoubtedly became the number one box office.

Wang Baoqiang’s stupidity, Liu Haoran’s handsomeness, and the vigorous vigor of various supporting roles have left the audience with deep memories. So watching the third part, it makes sense.

But “Detective Chinatown” was originally a series. Although each story is independent, it is inextricably linked. Watching the first part is very new, but watching the second part is still very new to many people. But in the third part, the same persona still aroused everyone’s doubts.

The character of the protagonist in “Detective Chinatown 3” was questioned, mainly focusing on Tang Ren. Because of Liu Haoran’s Qin Feng, cool and handsome seems to have little room for improvement. And Tang Ren’s love for money and beautiful women is a bit greasy by many people. Is it really impossible to pretend to be crazy now?

The answer may be yes, because Wang Baoqiang has made too many big movies. Each one has some extraordinarily stupid things. At first, I think it is very interesting, but after watching too much, it is already aesthetically tired. This is also the reason why Chen Sicheng began to film Tang Tanyu, instead of “Chinatown Detective 4”.

Not a sequel, but an extension, Chen Sicheng knows that the direction of movies that audiences like now has changed. Why is the reputation of “Detective Chinatown 3” not as good as before?

The main reason is that it is out of date because of the delayed release.

Greed for money, love to see beautiful women, to drag the protagonist as an oil bottle, and then rely on luck to open the persona of the cheat, it really does not work. In the future, everyone might like to watch the big movie about the strong alliance and the handsome guys fighting monsters together.

Tang Ren in “Detective Chinatown” has actually been like this since the first movie. He is Tang Ren’s relative, and then the two cooperated, which is a relationship that will not abandon each other at all. Therefore, Tang Ren’s personality cannot be changed. After all, this is an artistic effect.

Many of Tang Ren’s jokes are actually not very advanced. This movie actually has a lot of scripts that can’t stand scrutiny. In the future, it can indeed be corrected.


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