The causes of the car lack of gas and how to fix it

The causes of the car lack of gas and how to fix it

A car is running short of gas, the car has a gas shortage … are signs that the vehicle’s operating system is having problems that need to be overcome as soon as possible.

The car is running short of gas or the car is short of gas It is the phenomenon that the vehicle loses speed when it is on the accelerator, the fuel for the vehicle is lacking, the thrust the vehicle generates is not strong enough. The most common causes of this condition are:

  • Technical issues: clogging fuel filterThe air filter is too dirty, the exhaust pipe is clogged, the pressure is low …
  • Damages related to vehicle sensors.
  • Drive problems: ignition function is poor, material pipe has problem, injector failure occurs.

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The car is short of gas, making the speed unstable

There are many other causes the car is short of gas Based on the fuel that the vehicle uses is Diesel or gasoline such as:

Low pressure (Diesel and gasoline engines): An automobile engine must be provided with a sufficiently large pressure in the cylinder to be able to operate stably and steadily. When the pressure is too low, the power of the engine will drop significantly, causing the car to lose gas or even the accelerator pedal does not rise.

Clogging of the fuel filter (Diesel and gasoline engines): This is between the injector and the fuel pipe and has the role of screening the impurities inside the fuel before consumption. For a long time, the fuel filter will be dirty, clogged, the car cannot consume clean fuel, the gas shortage will occur.

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Problematic Air Filter (Diesel and Gasoline engines): When not being prepared to move into the combustion chamber, it filters out dust and impurities to create a clean source of air. When the air filter malfunctions, impurities in the air will move into the engine, making the car easily damaged and short of gas. In addition, car owners should change the car air filter when needed.

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A dirty air filter can cause the car to lose gas

Clogged exhaust pipes (Diesel and gasoline engines): The car exhaust has two filters that filter the sound and control the amount of emissions that will be released into the environment. The emission control equipment is responsible for minimizing pollutant waste so that they are not released into the environment. A clogged exhaust will make the engine underperform and the car will not run out of gas or the scooter does not go up.

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Camshaft sensor malfunction: The role of the sensor shaft sensor is to collect information about the speed of the shaft sensor to transmit data to the module. As a result, the module has to adjust fuel injection and combustion activities accordingly. When there is a problem with the camshaft sensor, the fuel injection and combustion operation will be incorrect, causing a gas shortage.

Air flow sensor error (MAF Sensor Malfunction): The air flow sensor will measure the amount of air transferred to the engine and then send this data to the module, the module will be based on the data. This is used to calculate the amount of load the motor is under. When this sensor malfunctions, the engine will lose throttle.

Oxygen sensor error (Diesel and gasoline engine): When something goes wrong with the oxygen sensor, the engine will be difficult to start, slow to start. The amount of air discharged into the environment will be very toxic because the electronic module does not accurately control the discharge regulation. The reason is because the oxygen sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of gas released out of the engine to electronically control the exhaust and calculate the air-fuel mixture ratio.

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Failure of injectors (Diesel and gasoline engines): Fuel injectors are prone to malfunction, possibly with carbon black adhesion. When there is a problem with the fuel injector, the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber will not be guaranteed. The engine that doesn’t get the fuel it needs will suffer from gas shortages and poor acceleration.

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Dirty injector also causes the car to lose gas

Trouble or weak in fuel pipe (Diesel and gasoline engines): The fuel is transferred from the tank to the engine by the fuel pipe. The fuel pipe is not allowed to be clogged or malfunctioning because it affects the vehicle’s performance, capacity is not maximized, pressure is poor …

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How to overcome the shortage of gas

To overcome the shortage of gas in a car, the owner needs to find out the cause of the gas shortage.

After finding the cause, replace and repair. It is best to bring your car to a maintenance center so that car specialists help car owners find out faults and fix them quickly, helping owners save more repair time. Do not let the vehicle shorten for too long, causing danger for the owner when the vehicle is climbing a slope or the vehicle needs to accelerate quickly.

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