The causes of car pipeline systems are easy to leak

The causes of car pipeline systems are easy to leak

Cars need a variety of fluids to ensure efficient operation. So the leak of the car pipeline system can cause many serious consequences.

Fluids play an important role in car performance

In order for the car to operate effectively, the driver needs to provide a full range of liquids as follows: glass wash, coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, power steering oil, transmission oil … Each This liquid has different uses.

The fluids are mainly pumped through the piping system

For example, coolant is used to cool the engine, reducing the risk of an engine explosion, especially in extremely hot weather conditions. Engine oil helps to lubricate the engine, reduces friction between metal parts, and increases the service life of the machine. All of these fluids are carried inside the engine by a piping system. However, this system is also at risk of being worn, torn, so it is necessary to check and check the status of the pipeline system in cars regularly.

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Leakage of piping systems in cars are the main reasons

The first reason is that the aforementioned liquids are not pumped directly into the engine system, but must be transported by pipes. The piping system must work continuously to distribute the fluids throughout the engine so it is easy to age. Any pipeline system has a certain lifespan, so the owner needs to periodically maintain the system and replace it when it is too old, can not continue to use.

Leaking a car’s duct system can cause an explosion or fire

The second reason is due to the material of the pipeline. Most of the pipeline system’s fluid pipes are manufactured from elastic rubber material. When the rubber has to be in constant contact with the vehicle’s high temperature for a long time, it will experience wear and tear, the rubber tube becomes drier and brittle. The result is torn, punctured and can no longer be used.

One of the other reasons for the piping system in cars to leak is that the system is incorrectly sized or misplaced. This failure causes the duct to be in direct contact with hot engine temperatures, even with sharp parts inside the vehicle. If there is no luck, the pipeline will be punctured by sharp parts or melted by the very high temperature of the vehicle.

Although rare, the wrong location of the pipeline still can occur

The very large temperature of the car when operating is the main cause of the leakage of the car’s piping system. When the vehicle is too hot, the cooling water transmission pipe must operate continuously to reduce the vehicle’s temperature, avoid exceeding the regulations, so the risk of cooling water transmission system failure increases. The pressure inside a car’s fluid pipes is mostly quite high.

Specifically, the pipeline system of engine oil, brake fluid, cooling water. The reason is that the system is operated by the duct by the pushing pressure derived from the engine. Thanks to this pressure, the necessary fluids are transferred to the parts of the car. However, when the pressure is too great, it will coordinate with the heat of the engine and cause leaks in the pipeline.

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Excess vehicle temperatures can also cause a duct system leak

A fairly simple case of a plumbing leak in a car is a leak at the end of the pipeline. If this is the case, the owner can quickly handle it by clamping the two ends of the pipe. The cause of this error is that the fixing clamp has not been properly clamped, so the above measure is the best solution to overcome this situation. If the pipeline is constantly in contact with sharp objects, or encountered a strong collision during the vehicle’s movement, the pipeline will be affected, leakage is also very likely.

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What to do when the piping system leaks?

Vehicle owners should regularly check and maintain the car’s pipeline system. This will help increase the life of the piping system. When the old pipe cannot be used, the owner can replace it. If there is a leak of the pipeline, the owner should bring the car to inspect carefully to find out the location of the leak, then replace and fix it. Note should choose truly reputable repair centers.


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