The cause of cars causes an unpleasant odor of exhaust gas

The cause of cars causes an unpleasant odor of exhaust gas

Often times, defects from parts such as the carburetor or exhaust converter malfunction, causing the car to smell gasoline or some other unpleasant odor.

As noted above, some of the exhaust odors are often caused by chemical gaseous preparations or flue gas conversion systems. For a car exhaust system, this is the most essential part of a car exhaust system. The main use of the flue gas converter is to filter toxic gases from the exhaust system into safer particles that can be released into the outside environment.

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Exhaust gas conversion system

For a carburetor, it is a part that mixes gasoline fuel and air at a pre-determined ratio according to mechanical principles. Helping the car’s explosion process smoothly and minimize fuel waste to a minimum.

Car carburetor

So, based on the basic uses that you already know of carburetors and converters of cars, we can tell that the exhaust composition of a gas car is more or less ejected to the environment. often depends on the performance of the two details mentioned above. Also from that, we can know that if one of the two components goes wrong, the amount of car exhaust will also emit more or the car gas smells more unpleasant than usual. But in order to assess which part of a car’s exhaust smells directly from, you need some basic knowledge because there are still some parts that can cause an unpleasant exhaust smell.

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The smell of burning oil

The smell of burning oil is often caused by a direct leak from the combustion chamber, which makes burning in an inconsistent way. From there, it will make users feel an unpleasant smell such as the smell of burning oil or more smoke.

You will immediately smell burning oil if there is a problem in the combustion chamber

The smell of rotten eggs

When the vehicle has generated the smell of rotten eggs (H2S) then the main cause usually comes from a malfunctioning car exhaust converter. Because then, sulfur gas will be spilled into the gasoline and create H gas2S is extremely toxic (concentrations above 25 ppm can be fatal). But due to a problem with the flue gas converter, the filtration H2S is completely impossible, leading to car exhaust smells rotten eggs.

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The smell of gasoline in the exhaust gas

If there is an odor of raw gasoline in the smoke, there is a problem in the car’s carburetor. At that time, more gasoline will enter the carburetor than usual, leading to the fact that the gasoline and oxygen do not follow a predetermined ratio and the combustion in the chamber is not as planned. From there, in the exhaust of the car, there will be a stagnant smell of gasoline because the combustion is not completely efficient.

If the car exhaust smells like gasoline, be careful

The smell is hot and sweet

When this is the case, there is a high chance that the vehicle has had a problem with the engine cooling duct system. And the most typical for this error is the leak in the part mentioned above. Leaks will cause the antifreeze to spray directly into the engine running at incredibly high temperatures. This creates an unpleasant odor that is characteristic of antifreeze. In addition to creating an unpleasant odor, it will directly affect the engine life if left too long.

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If your vehicle’s exhaust has an antifreeze smell, check the cooling system

Smell of diesel engine

This is a typical case of diesel engine vehicles. Since the combustion of a diesel engine as well as the engine power of a vehicle using diesel fuel is often higher than that of gasoline, you will experience a stronger diesel smell when you drive on gasoline.

Some notes to be able to treat car exhaust gas and reduce odors thoroughly

When you feel a strange smell coming from your car. If in case you have rested from traffic, you can bring to the nearest reputable garage so that they can use the equipment to evaluate the car’s exhaust emissions accurately. Give the new technician the direction to fix it for you. However, for some skilled technicians, they can also directly assess car emissions quickly and offer some measures to help you fix odors problems quickly.


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Professional technicians will give you lots of good advice

If in case you are in normal traffic but smell a strange unpleasant odor, you should pull the car over, turn off the engine immediately and get off and check carefully if the engine has any problems. If you don’t have one, you can keep on moving, but then head to a reputable service center for a thorough inspection. If there is an abnormality, you should immediately call an emergency ambulance to avoid cases where the car smells of gasoline can cause fire, affecting both life and property.

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