The cast in the Name of Family shares the cow’s tongue line on Weibo, making Vietnamese audiences angry

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The trio of actors Dam Tung Yun, Tong Uy Long, and Truong Tan Thanh storming in the movie Take the Name of the Family is receiving great attention from the audience.

However, they made the audience feel frustrated when on the Weibo personal page all shared the image of “cow’s tongue line” together with the saying “China, one inch of land is also indispensable”.

list of people - movie cuong

list of people 1 - movie cuong

Stranger 2 - movie (1)

3 - movie (2)

Upon hearing this news, the fans proved quite frustrated and in turn intended to quit the movie:

list of people 6 - movie end

And you, how do you think about this action by the Family Name-taking cast?

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