La ligue contre le cancer dénonce les effets néfastes des bières ultra-fortes
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The cancer league denounces the harmful effects of ultra-strong beers

The cancer league denounces the harmful effects of ultra-strong beers

Tuesday 1st october 2019

Reputed to be a low-alcohol drink, beer appeals to young people. However, some cans have a very high alcohol content. A ” youth health attack According to the president of the league against cancer.

Beer, a drink that can be highly alcoholic

Axel Kahn, the new president of the cancer league, is sounding the alarm. According to this geneticist, highly alcoholic beers are ” an attack on the health of young people . While most are at 4-5 or even 6-7% alcohol, we see ranges emerge at 14%, and even at 16 or almost 17%! alarmed the professor.

This is why, in an article published on September 30 in The Parisian, he asked that the regulations be tightened. Indeed, these famous beers are much more alcoholic than they seem. To drink 50 cl would be equivalent to drinking the equivalent of an almost whole bottle of wine, according to the newspaper..

Legislate to protect the health of young people

Problem, these highly alcoholic beers are sold in cans at a low price and are therefore particularly appreciated by young people and ” of the street people explains Axel Kahn. To stem the phenomenon, the president of the league against cancer asks “ the authorities to study the matter and legislate ”.

It offers two solutions. The first is to remove the mention “beer” drinks that aren’t really there (due to the addition of sugars and yeasts). The second proposal is to increase the tax based on the alcohol level, which, mechanically, would increase the price of these beers. It remains to be seen how the health authorities will react.

Perrine Deurot-Bien

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