The Canadian congressman asked to determine that the CCP commits genocide

The Canadian congressman asked to determine that the CCP commits genocide

On January 24, two Cananda MPs, including Rep. Michael Chong for diplomatic affairs and Rep. Garnett Genuis for international development and human rights of Conservative Canada, issued a statement. Jointly condemns the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s genocide crimes against the Uighur Muslim group. The Conservative Party of Canada expressed deep concern about the Uighur and other Muslim genocide in China.

Rep. Michael Chong (left) and Rep. Garnett Genuis of the Canadian Conservative Party. (Photo: Epoch Times Synthesis).

Michael Chong said that at the Canana House of Representatives meeting that begins on January 25, the Conservative Party will propose a motion, loving to define the CCP’s treatment of Uighurs as behavior. genocide, hopefully quickly approved by Congress.

The statement states, “This genocidal behavior includes systematic population control, sexual violence and large-scale detention”.

The statement said, the Canadian House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR) provided a detailed report on the serious mistreatment of the Uighurs by the Chinese government (CCP) and the Other Muslims. The report shows the Chinese government’s (CCP) contempt for human rights and international law, its treatment of Hong Kong people, Tibetans, Falun Gong practitioners, Christians and minorities. Other religions are increasing.

The Conservative Party said that it is necessary to use multilateral means to deal with the CCP’s serious violation of human rights.

The statement stated clearly: We therefore urge the Trudeau government and the Biden administration to formally acknowledge that the Chinese regime (CCP) is committing genocide against the Uighurs. We also urge the Canadian government to encourage other allies to acknowledge such acts of mass genocide. Finally, we urge the Canadian government to work with allies, including the United States, to take action against these mass genocide acts.

The Conservative Party’s Foreign Minister also urged the Trudeau government to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of Canadians, including adding travel advice to reflect the potential threat of Canadians come to China, while also preventing influence and intimidation by China (CCP) in Canada.

The statement concludes, the Conservative Party will use all means of parliament for its efforts to recognize the CCP’s atrocities soon.

Although the Conservative Party is the opposition party in the National Assembly, many members of the National Assembly in the Liberal Party (the ruling party) agree that the Xinjiang Uighurs are in serious trouble.

Last November, the Canadian House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Human Rights (SDIR) led by the Liberal Party announced that China (the CCP) was conducting the genocide of the Uighurs. Rep. Sameer Zuberi, a member of the ruling Liberal Party, said that Canada must act: “We must open refugee channels for Uighurs to escape the evil hands [của ĐCSTQ]; we must do our best to help the Uighurs detained in China. For example, consider the rescue of Huseyin Celil, the Canadians who suffered [ĐCSTQ] incarceration for many years is a top priority. ”

As for the Chinese government’s (CCP) human rights violations in Xinjiang, the Canadian government introduced a series of new measures earlier this month, including a public ban, according to the Voice of America. Canadian companies that do business with Uighur labor forced labor businesses.

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