The campaign against taxation of tampons won the Grand Prix

The Tampon Book, a product of a German startup, points out unfair taxes on women’s products, and takes home the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions 2019.

* The article shows the opinion of Minda Smiley, she is a reporter at Adweek specializing in reporting on agencies

At the beginning of the year, The Female Company made a splash when it started selling Tampon Book, this is both a book and a packaging of Tampon products. Because books are only taxed at 7% in the country, while women’s hygiene products have a tax rate of up to 19%. In order not to violate the law, the company wants to sell tampons at a lower tax rate and to show disagreement, when sanitary napkin products are considered “luxury goods”. In addition to 15 sanitary pads, the book has 46 pages including stories and illustrations of women’s “red light” days.

The book, created by WPP agency Scholz & Friends in Berlin, quickly sold out and caught the attention of German lawmakers. A petition on that proposed a 7% tax reduction for tampons now has more than 175,000 signatures and according to The Female Company: “The Legal Committee must formally discuss the sanitary napkin tax again.”

Michelle Hutton (CEO of Edelman and Head of the Jury of PR category) said: “We believe that the Tampon book is a great example of modern media. This is a combination of creativity and PR, and we hope this is also a call for the PR industry to work more closely with the creative community to create more miracles. “

The US has 3 campaigns to win Gold PR category at Cannes Lions

McDonald won the Gold Prize for MacCoin – a “global limited edition of currency” created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac. Launched in August of last year, users can exchange a MacCoin for a Big Mac for free at McDonald’s system stores in 50 countries. MacCoin, created by Chicago Golin, attracted nearly a million interactions and mentioned on social, resulting in a 6% increase in Big Mac sales globally.

Budweiser and agency partner David Miami also took home the Gold Award for the Super Bowl commercial, in which the brand is committed to sustainable energy and wind power. In 2018, Budweiser also made a statement that it will use 100% renewable electricity from wind energy to produce beer. In this ad, the company entitled “Wind Never Felt Better” emphasized that Budweiser will go into the biggest phase of using renewable electricity from the wind in 2019. The campaign has spread the message let’s use Clean power from wind to protect the environment.

The third Gold Prize goes to McCann and Donate Life California, which is a non-profit organ donation organization. The three branches of McCann located in Toronto, New York and Costa Mesa join hands to carry out the “Second Chances” (Second Chances) campaign with the goal of helping drivers to transfer fines for traffic violations. small form of warning for drivers with an organ license.

The campaign, praised by police in Fullerton, Placentia in California and California State University Fullerton. At the same time, the campaign quickly spread to Calgary and Canada, indicating that “Second Chances” could go further.

From mid-March to April 2019, McCann recorded an increase in online registration of Donate Life California of 27%. This result is gradually confirming the positive role of the “Second Chances” campaign in the transport sector, especially the support from the drivers and cooperation from the agencies accompanying the campaign.

Hoang Hien / Brands Vietnam
* Source: Minda Smiley / Adweek


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