The Camara case Apartment ransacked and facial injury

The Camara case Apartment ransacked and facial injury

The police would not have been kind to Mamadi III Fara Camara, during his arrest, and would have completely upset his home during the search, deplore members of his family in a video on Instagram.

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“They ransacked her house, they searched it from top to bottom. She is in an impossible state, reports Manty Keita, the niece of Mamadi III Fara Camara. With his wife who is pregnant with twins, [les policiers] made him leave the house when [Mamadi] got arrested, she had to go to her sister’s house. “

Wednesday night, Mme Keita and Mr. Camara’s aunt joined in a live chat with Haitian-born comedian Renzel Dashington on his Instagram account.

Hit on the head

The two women, who were able to hear from Mr. Camara, revealed that he was allegedly subjected to violence during his arrest at his home.

“He was injured in the face when the police put him on the ground […] They hit his head [contre] the glass, they put [le] foot on his head, all that, ”exclaimed his niece, under the shocked gaze of the comedian.

Upside down

The couple do not seem to have set foot home since the arrest, so a neighbor, who has known them for two years, took the initiative to remove the garbage that was starting to stink.

” [Les policiers] left the apartment ransacked. They took everything out: clothes on the floor, papers. There are a lot of things to put away, ”she commented, preferring to remain anonymous.

At around 6 p.m. last Thursday, police asked her and other occupants of the building to wait on a bus outside while they searched the suspect’s apartment.

“I asked why, but they didn’t want to tell me. We stayed until 10 p.m. My two children – 3 and 5 – peed in their underpants because it was cold, ”she sighs.

When her neighbors come back, she wants to give them a hand to clean up.

“It wasn’t him. [Mamadi] is always calm. He concentrates on his studies and his work ”, she continues, describing him as a man who speaks little, but who is“ always smiling ”.


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