Forensic staff removed a container of 39 people from the scene on October 23. Photo: PA.

The British TV channel was emotionally criticized for the tragedy of 39 people

The British Interior Ministry said Channel 4's release of the documentary "Illegal immigration" after the tragedy of 39 deaths in containers was "emotionless and irresponsible".

The two-episode documentary "Channel Immigration" of TV channel 4 is promoted as "the largest real-life experience of the border the media makes," in which participants will "roleplaying" into illegal immigrants seeking to enter the UK.

The first episode of the program was scheduled to air last week, but was delayed after 39 bodies of migrants were discovered on a container truck in Essex County on October 23. However, Channel 4 announced that it would postpone only "Illegal Immigration" for a week and will air the first episode on November 4.

Forensic staff removed a container of 39 people from the scene on October 23. Image: PA.

The decision immediately met with a backlash from the British Ministry of Home Affairs accusing Channel 4 of being "both emotionless and irresponsible" when it aired the program too early, while the public was not shocked about the carpet. dramatic.

"Organized criminal gangs disrespect human life, so making a program about their illegal activity is a thoughtless act. That will only encourage them to take advantage of our borders. to make a profit, despite the lives of desperate, vulnerable people, "the Interior Ministry issued a statement on November 2.

However, Channel 4 asserted the decision to broadcast the program was correct because "more than ever, after this terrible tragedy, the shocking findings of the program have become an urgent concern of the community." .

The first episode, edited with some content and taking into account the tragedy, will show the audience the process of illegal immigration into the UK by the secret means of 4 participants. They included a man hiding behind a truck cabin, a woman hiding on a mobile home, a trainer of water sports crossing France from a motorboat and a journalist using a fake passport. Illegal ferry from Netherlands. All four were not tested at the border on the way to England.

David Modell, the producer of the program, said he and his colleagues were very sad after the tragedy in Essex but insisted they would not postpone the program indefinitely. Modell added that some of the content has been changed and the manufacturer will announce in the beginning that the show will be made before the tragedy of 39 deaths on container trucks.

"This is a collective decision and everyone feels very comfortable. We all feel that the program needs to be broadcasted and given closer access to the tragedy because it is very useful," Modell said. said.

Thirty-one men and eight women were found dead in a container truck in an industrial park near the Port of Purfleet, Essex County, northeast of London. In the November 1 announcement, the Essex police believed that the victims were Vietnamese citizens and were contacting some of the victims' families directly but were unable to identify themselves.

Two drivers of the container truck in England and Belgium were arrested and charged. British police are looking for two other suspects. The two suspects were also prosecuted and detained by Ha Tinh police to investigate charges of organizing, broking others to flee illegally, or stay illegally abroad.

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