The British Prime Minister's family is a good friend of the Beijing government

The British Prime Minister’s family is a good friend of the Beijing government

Recently, at a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a speech saying “I am a person who is close to China, full of enthusiasm “. But the conservative hawks in the backseat of the British Parliament are optimistic about the end “Golden period” of relations between Britain and China, on the grounds of national security law and China’s human rights record.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: EU2017EE Estonian Presidency / Wikimedia)

According to the Sunday Times February 28, supporters of Anglo-Chinese cooperation are happy to know that Mr. Johnson’s father and a half brother are on their side.

Mr. Stanley Johnson is 80 years old, yes “Love for China”, he talk that “It is important at this point that we communicate directly ”especially on the eve of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). “With such a large country, if China could not have done it before 2050 [trung lập carbon] it will be very difficult to see how the world does it. ”

And 36-year-old Max Johnson, the youngest of Stanley’s six children, is the second wife of Mr. Max Johnson, now an entrepreneur living in Hong Kong, passionate about technology and issues. green, want to promote investment in China. In general, his point is: because the ambiguity between the UK and China makes people feel hesitant about investing; people claim that human rights are “Only important issue” are people “Radical, irrational and crazy perspective”.

Both are bound by a belief that China is too big to be avoided. In recent years, they have used diplomatic channels to promote cooperation between London and Beijing. Information like this was made public by them in response to the growing hawkish stance in British society about their beloved China.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Johnson (Photo: Ravenswoodschool / Flickr)

The story of the decades-long relationship between the Johnson family and the world’s most populous country can be traced back to 1975, when Stanley visited China as a member of the delegation. European Union. He said: “Mao Zedong is master … Since then, I have been returning to (China) frequently.”

Five years later, Mr. Stanley wrote a book about China called “End of the world resources” (The Doomsday Deposit), based on the imagination of discovering a nuclear fuel depot in Manchuria, whoever controls it can control the world.

In the view of writer Stanley, also an environmental activist and a former member of the European Parliament, that concerns about China rather than the problem of global hegemony, is not better than seeing it as appropriate. international cooperation, especially China’s role in addressing climate change. This year, China will host the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity (COP15) in the southwestern city of Kunming, with the aim of building a goal of preventing or reversing biodiversity loss.

He said: “I know that there are some problems with the Uighurs. Getting people’s attention is right. But even so, China is still the host in Kunming (COP15). And Scotland is still part of England. Therefore, close exchanges between China and the UK (hosting COP26) are very important ”. According to Stanley’s point of view, the inevitable priority is getting China to sign an international target for the year 2050, not teaching China how to act. He said: “I believe people will see a lot of high-level involvement unfold. I certainly hope to see this. ”

He also contributed to this networking activity: had extensive talks with Chinese ambassador Liu Xiaoming when he was about to leave his post, promoted the conference, and last month attended the farewell event. his profile is organized through the Zoom app.

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He recalled that in February 2020, a friend who had run the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds met with a friend. “A tall gentleman with an elegant appearance (Liu Xiaoming)”. All three talked about beautiful China, about the ability of the soil to absorb carbon. They sang Flanders and Swann’s songs: mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing more suitable.

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When Stanley first visited China, his youngest son Max was not born, yet his relationship with China was even deeper than that of his father. He graduated from Oxford University like his brother, was the first British to study an MBA at Tsinghua University in Beijing, the same school as Mr. Xi Jinping.

In Hong Kong, he works at Goldman Sachs and also works as a regional investment advisor to UK companies. He cooperates with the British Council and is about to become an “observer” of the “China Britain Business Council”, which will facilitate diplomats and businessmen. two countries more exposed.

Max has a clear attitude towards the current relationship between the two countries, “Our relationship has changed from being extremely optimistic to being in an ambiguous state. What is the next problem, how to go? I think it is necessary to clarify these ambiguities ”; “We need to establish a relationship with a country in many ways, the basis of this relationship is political and economic, also human rights and cultural exchanges … But this means not to throw everything. things out the window, assuming that one problem is more important than all the others. ”

Brother of the British Prime Minister, Max Johnson in an interview with SCPM in 2019 (Image: Video screenshots)

Max did not compromise with Conservative Party-led groups in the British Parliament, such as the China Research Group led by Tom Tugendhat, or the Transnational Parliamentary Alliance on China Policy. (The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China) is led by Duncan Smith. I said: “I look to the future – I think longer term. And you know, Westminster (British Parliament) has some irrational factions, frankly, [những phe phái này] most think in the short term, and may be doing everything they can to destabilize. ”

Marx asked, “How many of them have actually been to China, or, you know, spent any time there? “

When asked about human rights violations, he was very frank: “Hong Kong is part of China … I think this always confuses people, entails some emotional response, maybe even some regrets about Hong Kong being paid. again.”

He also has a similar tone about the Uighur problem. He said he “can not say“Hawk parliamentarians’ condemnation of what is happening in China is true or false.”

The British may have been affected by the cold relationship with China, including a decision by 2027 to gradually phase out the use of Huawei tools in Britain’s 5G infrastructure.

“Considered this issue, perhaps the fact that more people quickly access the Internet and faster Internet will actually increase literacy rates. Education has improved!“, He excitedly said.

Next year, the relationship between the UK and China will open up many important moments. Before the end of this session, members of the National Assembly will again vote on whether to block trade transactions with countries that are believed to be genocide – a measure aimed entirely at China. National. Then in November, the United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow, any goal requires Chinese cooperation to make sense.

Thus, the views of Mr. Stanley and Max has been very clear, that is: although the relationship between Beijing and London is strained, it is impossible not to cooperate in the next few years. This shows that it has gone quite far from the focus of the conservative hawks.

As last year Mr. Johnson at the Prime Minister’s Palace on Downing Street said: “I am a relative of China, I believe we must continue to cooperate with this great emerging power: on climate change or trade or whatever happens to them.”

Thanh Dung, Vision Times

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