The box office was 51.78 million in 3 days, and it beat Yi Yang Qianxi Andy Lau, and another Chinese film burst

The box office was 51.78 million in 3 days, and it beat Yi Yang Qianxi Andy Lau, and another Chinese film burst

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The box office market is still hot recently, and the stamina of several Lunar New Year blockbusters is still very strong. The total box office of “Send You A Little Red Flower” and “Bomb Disposal Expert” has exceeded the 1 billion mark, becoming the big winners of the 2020 Lunar New Year file.

Recently, the box office market ushered in a comedy blockbuster, with a total box office of 51.78 million in three days, overwhelming Yi Yang Qianxi Andy Lau, another Chinese film is about to explode!

It is the movie “Big Red Packet”.

“Big Red Packet” is a romantic comedy film directed by Bruce Lee and starring Bao Bell, Clara, Jia Bing, Zhang Yiming, Xu Juncong, Wang Xiaoli, Liao Weiwei, and Yue Yueli. It will be released in mainland China on January 22, 2021.

As the first comedy blockbuster released in 2021, “Big Red Packet” has attracted the attention of many netizens.

In fact, the film has been shot as early as 2019. At first, the file was set for the 2020 Spring Festival, and then it was changed to the May 1st file in 2020, and then it was changed to be released on January 29, 2021.

Now the “Big Red Packet” has been changed for the third time until it will be released on January 22, 2021, and it has indeed experienced twists and turns along the way.

Judging from the current box office, “Big Red Envelope” has performed quite well.

The film’s box office on the first day of release was 12.91 million, overwhelming the crowd to win the single-day box office championship, and the total box office reached 51.78 million in the three days it was released, which beat Yi Qianxi’s “Give You A Little Red Flower” and Andy Lau’s “Bomb Disposal Expert” 2″, becoming the new one-day champion in the mainland box office market, quite impressive.

In recent years, Bauber has relied on the arrogant and domineering image of the rich second-generation villain in “The Big Man” to make a strong comeback, sweeping away the image of previous bad movies, and has been loved by countless people. Recently, Bao Bell’s acting skills in the variety show “I Am an Actor 3” received praise again and became a truly powerful actor.

Now the box office of “Big Red Envelope” is very hot, and Bao Beier also contributed.

However, although the film’s box office is not bad, its reputation is not satisfactory. “Big Red Envelope” Douban scores only 4.8 points, not even passing the passing line, it is a completely bad film.

Many viewers complained about the movie’s plot is very clichéd, and many of the plots are unreasonable, especially the ending is very bloody and embarrassing. The only highlight may be the beauty in the film…

Unexpectedly, Bauber’s comedy hit the street again!

At the beginning, Bao Beier played the role of the brother-in-law in “Hong Kong Joke”, which was completely incomparable with the previous performance of Wang Baoqiang, which is the biggest failure of the film. Since then, Bao Beier has starred in many comedies such as “Lu Yao Knows Marli”, “Fatty Action Team”, “My Girlfriend is a Robot”, etc., but the reputation is worse than one, which is very embarrassing.

And after turning over with the feature film “Big”, the latest comedy turned into a big bad movie. It’s really too tragic!

Of course, according to the current trend of “Big Red Envelope”, the final box office will be about 150 million yuan, which is already very good as a small-cost work.

But the film’s poor reputation also makes people wonder whether Bao Bell is suitable for making comedy?


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