The bottleneck in the Boeing 737 crash in Iran

The bottleneck in the Boeing 737 crash in Iran

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                        Many causes were given to explain the Boeing 737 crash in Iran, but none was really convincing.

Recently, a Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine international airline (UIA) carrying 176 passengers and crew from Tehra to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, plunged from the sky a few minutes after taking off from the airport. Imam Khomeini International in Tehran.

The plane was last seen on radar at 2,400 meters, hours after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles at two US bases in neighboring Iraq.

After the Iranian officials said that the accident was due to a fire engine igniting the pilots’ control, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Facebook: “We have to investigate all possible causes. “.

President Zelensky instructed Ukrainian prosecutors to open an investigation into the accident. Just before Mr. Zelensky’s instructions, the Ukrainian Embassy in Iran removed a statement that ruled out the attack on its website.

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The scene of a Ukrainian plane crash killed 176 people.

“It is impossible to say anything until the official investigation is over,” Ukraine’s Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk said at a press conference to answer questions about the possibility of the plane being hit by a missile or being attacked.

Mr. Oleksiy Honcharuk said a team of experts was coming to Iran to investigate the accident, collect the victims’ remains and take them back to Ukraine.

Under international agreements, Ukraine can participate in the investigation as the country of registration and operation of the airline.

Iranian officials said flight data and a cockpit recorder, known as the “black box” were found. The results of the analysis of the black box are very important in finding the cause of the accident.

Ukraine international airline UIA said the three-year-old aircraft had undergone maintenance inspections on 6 January and had no technical problems.

“It is one of our best aircraft with an excellent, reliable crew,” Yevhen Dykhne’s CEO told a news conference in Kiev.

According to UIA, the cause of the Boeing 737 crash was not due to an engine fault. When the problems related to machines are excluded, human issues will be considered.

However, according to Yevhen Dykhne, the crew’s fault was “not possible”. Captain Volodymir Haponenko is an experienced pilot who flew more than 10,000 hours on hundreds of flights.

For his part, Genolf Abolfazl Shekarchi, a spokesman for the Iranian armed forces, said that the speculation about the plane crash due to the shooting was completely wrong and that no military or political experts were there. accept that.

In Washington, USA, a Democratic member attending a meeting with officials in the administration of President Donald Trump said there was no intelligence that showed the plane was shot down.

It usually takes investigators more than a year to determine the cause of the plane crash, but getting information about the aviation accident this time has become more complicated. Iranian officials said they did not hand over either of the two black boxes found to the US or Boeing (US) for analysis.

Under international law, the country where the accident took place will control the investigation. Boeing, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the US National Transportation Safety Commission will often participate in investigations because the aircraft is manufactured in the US.

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