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The Bolivian Foreign Ministry accuses the opposition of plotting a coup

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent, in a statement released on Twitter on the same day, the Bolivian Foreign Ministry pointed out Mr. Luis Fernando Camacho, Chairman of the Santa Cruz Civil Committee and former opposition presidential candidate Carlos Mesa, are the two leading figures in the plot to overthrow the Constitutional Government of Bolivia.

Bolivian Foreign Minister Diego Pary spoke at a news conference in La Paz. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

The statement stated that civilian as well as opposition leaders made comments aimed at "inciting" the chaos and confrontation, leading to actions such as setting fire to electoral headquarters, " arrest "indigenous people related to the ruling party and" threaten "incumbent President Evo Morales forced him to resign within 48 hours.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry's statement emphasized that the government rejected all violence and affirmed its belief that the international community supports the South American nation's constitutional order.

Earlier that same day, opposition leader Carlos Mesa had asked the Bolivian Parliament to pass an emergency bill to hold a new election and to propose the creation of a new Supreme Election Court. Meanwhile, re-elected President Evo Morales vowed not to resign and called on supporters to take to the streets to protect their achievements.

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