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The Bluetooth FiiO BTR3 model is upgraded with Firmware v1.2 with many necessary upgrades

The BTR3 Bluetooth Receiver model has just received the latest Firmware v1.2 upgrade that gives users many new features after a long wait.

BTR3 Bluetooth Receiver model can be considered a successful product of Fiio with many positive reviews from the user community. However, for Fiio, always try to continue to bring into full play the potential of the product, so after months of working with the cooperation of HWA team from Huawei and the participants of the beta test, at the end The new Firmware has also been released with many new highlights.

In the new Firmware version, the company has upgraded the HWA codec version to the new version 2.0 and also carries the Equalizer adjustment feature to help users adjust the sound according to their preferences.

The list of full Firmware 1.2 changes for the BTR3 model includes:

  1. Add Equalizer adjustment feature
  2. Add In-Vehicle mode (connect to car via USB cable and automatically turn on / off when car engine starts / stops)
  3. Upgrade the HWA codec to version 2.0, with improved audio stability and some compatibility issues (like no audio output when switching to another app)
  4. Improve the problem when talking, the audible voice on the other end is improved more clearly
  5. Improved notification when battery is low, reducing notifications many times
  6. Changing the RGB indicator light is saved after applying changes.
  7. Restore Charge On / Off mode after the product is restarted
  8. Improve notification sound and reduce notification volume level
  9. Fix other minor errors

Note for you before updating the Firmware:

  1. After upgrading the Firmware, it cannot downgrade to a lower Firmware. If you try to downgrade the firmware, it may cause the product to fail.
  2. To check the current firmware version: Open FiiO Music app then go to setting -> BTR3. If the Firmware version is lower than 1.2, you should update the Firmware
  3. The Equalizer function only works when streaming music in SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD and HWA codecs (48kHz or lower). This function does not work with LDAC codecs, and for HWA 96kHz you should turn off the EQ function or else there will be a lot of background noise.
  4. To use the new EQ function from "Fiio BTR3 / Fiio BT Control", you should update the FiiO Music app music software to the latest version (Android version 1.1.2 and iOS is 1.3.9)

You can download BTR3 firmware 1.2: click here
Tool to update Firmware FiiO BTR3: click here
How to update the Firmware for Fiio BTR3: click here (video) or click here
(You should see or read carefully to update the Firmware, to avoid damaging the device)


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