The blockbuster film that cost 16.5 billion won to create, has been released for three days at the box office of 1.4 billion won!

The blockbuster film that cost 16.5 billion won to create, has been released for three days at the box office of 1.4 billion won!

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As the first copy of science fiction film in Korean film history, after the official announcement of production of “Xu Fu”, it detonated expectations. Affected by the epidemic, this sci-fi masterpiece has been adjusted from the 2020 schedule to 2021.

On April 15th, “Xu Fu” was finally released in South Korea using theatrical + network method, but unfortunately, the word-of-mouth and box office performance of this highly anticipated new work was lower than expected.

“Xu Fu” starring Kong Liu, Park Bo Gum, Zhang Young Nam, Zhao Yu Jin, etc., the cast is very luxurious, and the cost is high, the production cost is as high as 16.5 billion won, which is about 96 million yuan in RMB, which is about 96 million yuan for South Korea. , It can definitely be regarded as a big movie.

However, the box office revenue of “Xu Fu” was very bleak. It was only about 1.46 billion won at the box office after three days of release, which is about 8.5 million yuan converted into RMB. The box office income of the first weekend is so low that the subsequent box office will definitely hardly be detonated.

On the South Korean Naver platform, the Korean audience scored 8.5 points, while the media score was 5.1 points, and the overall score was 6.7. The word of mouth is not bad, but it is not good enough.

On the Douban platform, “Xu Fu” scored only 6.3 points, better than 35% of action movies and better than 39% of science fiction movies.

The new work of “Xu Fu” is very ambitious. It discusses the theme of life and death, and also discusses the meaning of being alive. But the problem is that the theme depends entirely on the output of lines, and it is only a little bit more ambitious. It is only mentioned, but not deep. Unfold.

In addition, “Xu Fu” is also fully exploring human nature. On this theme, some content is still filmed. The most ironic thing is when Min Jixian sent Xu Fu back to the research institute, the scientific researchers’ views on copying people are in In their eyes, the replicator is an experimental product, no different from a pig.

Except for Xu Fu, every role has a selfish side, all for their own interests, and Min Jixian, played by Kong Liu, is no exception.

The biggest problem with the new film “Xu Fu” is that the positioning is not clear enough. It wanted to shoot depth but couldn’t shoot depth. What’s more tragic is that it failed to surprise the action scenes and was not entertaining enough.

The whole movie is very lengthy. Most of the time, the two brothers Min Jixian and Xu Fu are chatting about life. The rhythm of the plot is not strong enough, and it is dull and tasteless after watching.


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